Of all the people to feature in the Mama Uniform series, Sophie Mei Lan undoubtedly has the broadest approach to style alternating between spending her day in gym wear before totally rocking belly dancing costumes. As a blogger and vlogger at Mama Mei, she leads an incredibly active life as a freelance journalist, publish and film maker. Despite all the demands of these roles, she still finds time to keep fit and is a passionate mental health campaigner. I hope you enjoying getting to know her… What is your daily skincare routine? Wash face and slather on some Moringa oil… View Post

I think the majority of people actually have capsule wardrobes whether they are aware of it or not. How often do you find yourself reaching for the same item of clothing each day? Surely we all have favourites that are worn as soon as they’re clean again?! In short, I think it’s a safe bet to say that most people have a finite number of clothes they actually wear. As the summer holidays arrived, I found myself once again confronted with a wardrobe that was best described as chaos. My ‘work’ clothes were at the forefront and drawers were bursting with… View Post

Kim aka Odd Hogg has a wonderfully effortless style. Although she says ‘makeup is not her forte’ her photos attest that her incredible natural beauty would shine through regardless. Any reader of her blog – the Odd Hogg – will know that this beauty runs a lot deeper. She has a wonderful take on life and a very tongue in cheek sense of humour that often has me cackling with laughter as I read her posts. Kim is an ally in blogging as a fellow Scot – although she resides in my previous stomping ground in the North East it’s nice… View Post

June is almost done and I am definitely on the count down to the summer holidays. Do you have a necklace you wear all the time? When I was in Brighton over the Easter holidays I spied a number of simple gold necklaces in shop windows. They were generally a bit more quirky in design but I thought they’d be great for summer. I love the layered look when people wear more than one together. I think it’s a great way that you can make even just a plain T-shirt look a bit smarter. For the longest time, I had to wear… View Post

Vicki is not only the genius behind the blog Tippy Tupps, but also somehow finds the time to be a creative mastermind too. She has a beautiful selection of products available under her label ‘Bear Wear’ that are just divine. I wasn’t at all surprised to find that she is a self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Vintage’ and that she can effortlessly carry off this title with style. Here, we chat about her approach beauty and why exactly she planned her wedding in a mere 48 hours…