As Autumn sets in my thoughts are once again turning to the contents of my wardrobe. Living in the UK, the weather really does just seem to turn so quickly. It only seems like yesterday I was walking around in shorts and now I’ve been putting my winter coat on again in the evenings! As the crisp nights arrive, my thoughts also turn to ways to make life a bit more comforting and cozy! I have to be honest and admit that as I type, I also have a glass of red wine on the go and my harem pants have… View Post

Jade lives in the beautiful city of Ely with her husband, Ryan, two daughters, Kairi and Naminé; and mini poodle, Coco. As a self-proclaimed Disney fanatic, if I ever get the chance to visit – she’ll no doubt be the source of all my knowledge. Founder of the blog, Mummies Waiting, Jade is often the blogger I turn to for technical advice or actually just a listening ear! Ahead, she shares her laid back approach to style, and why twinning is totally winning…   What is your daily skincare routine? Erm, wipe of any make up if I remember. Does… View Post

I’m delighted to be featuring fellow Edinburgh blogger Nicola of @WeeSlice today. Nicola shares her fabulous Edinburgh life with her two kids – Lola & Lockie – and of course her other half ‘Big Slice.’ I got to know Nicola through her Instagram Stories primarily and then over cocktails. Whilst I love her Insta Stories, drinking more cocktails with her is definitely one of my life goals at present!  So get ready for AMAZING shoes and handbag confessions…

Of all the people to feature in the Mama Uniform series, Sophie Mei Lan undoubtedly has the broadest approach to style alternating between spending her day in gym wear before totally rocking belly dancing costumes. As a blogger and vlogger at Mama Mei, she leads an incredibly active life as a freelance journalist, publish and film maker. Despite all the demands of these roles, she still finds time to keep fit and is a passionate mental health campaigner. I hope you enjoying getting to know her… What is your daily skincare routine? Wash face and slather on some Moringa oil… View Post

I think the majority of people actually have capsule wardrobes whether they are aware of it or not. How often do you find yourself reaching for the same item of clothing each day? Surely we all have favourites that are worn as soon as they’re clean again?! In short, I think it’s a safe bet to say that most people have a finite number of clothes they actually wear. As the summer holidays arrived, I found myself once again confronted with a wardrobe that was best described as chaos. My ‘work’ clothes were at the forefront and drawers were bursting with… View Post