With the Summer holidays firmly upon us in Scotland, my thoughts are once again turning to how to entertain the kids when we’re travelling. I’m soon to be flying with three kids by myself and experience dictates that I need to be prepared! So when Tots to travel approached me to share my tips for a family friendly holiday – I thought I’d share some of our tried and tested methods for travelling with Babies, Toddlers and bigger Kids too: One – Use a Sling for little ones With smaller kids – I could easily carry Katie until she was 3 – the sling is your friend… View Post

When I was pregnant with Katie, my first baby, I packed an crazy amount of stuff in my Hospital Bag. Water spray, fluffy socks, and weirdly brand new PJs from The White Company. I dutifully read every book going and carefully, detailed my packing list in my Moleskin Baby Book. Fast forward three years, when we had Thomas, I spent so little time at the hospital I’m not sure I even opened my bag. Let alone recall what was in it. Looking through my old list and reminiscing, I’m curious what other people took with them – the good, the… View Post

June has been a funny month. In some ways it’s gone quickly but in others it’s felt like it’s gone on forever. For the first time ever, I’ve actually been away from the kids for a substantial amount of time. For the last 5 years or so, I’ve needed to go on a training course for work. All kinds of things have meant it’s just been put off. I’ve always been really reluctant to have five nights away from the kids and it just felt like too much. This year, I decided to finally bite the bullet and just go for… View Post

As a teacher of Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies it has come as no surprise that A LOT of people have wanted to ask about Islam recently. Although I’m a Christian myself, it is a subject that I’ve studied for a long time and taught to a lot of people. So I know a fair bit about it. But RMPS obviously isn’t all about religion. In fact the topics that fill my classroom are wide and varied – in one lesson we may be talking about the arms trade and in another feminism. So, it’s also no surprise that many… View Post

Over the last month or so we’ve had to make some very difficult decisions about Thomas’ nursery care. We had been really happy with the care provided, but when management announced a number of major changes we really had to re-assess whether it was the right place for him. We were incredibly saddened that ultimately, the nursery appeared not to be listening to it’s own staff. Which gave us little confidence that they would bother listening to parents either. Everything just really seemed to lack common sense and has left us feeling really quite sad about the whole thing. Thomas… View Post