Like many children Scotland, I’m also going back to school this August. In fact, there’s not been a single year that I’ve not returned to an educational establishment since I was 4 years old. It’s funny but the feeling never really changes. I absolutely adore the summer holidays but there’s also something nice about returning to routine. I have a new planner and my pencil case is once again organised to start the year. But this year is different in that Katie is also starting school. She is now the 4 year-old with the long educational journey ahead of her.… View Post

Like many people my age, I grew up reading (and loving) the Harry Potter books. As a child who loved imaginary games, the series just ignited my imagination. But it also had the added benefit of securing lasting friendships as well. I discovered the first book after my best friend shared it with me. We eagerly awaited the arrival of each one after that and would spend hours discussing what might possibly happen next. We’d comb through the existing books, looking for further intrigue and debate the merits of each character until our fingers bled on MSN. In short, the books… View Post

With the Summer holidays firmly upon us in Scotland, my thoughts are once again turning to how to entertain the kids when we’re travelling. I’m soon to be flying with three kids by myself and experience dictates that I need to be prepared! So when Tots to travel approached me to share my tips for a family friendly holiday – I thought I’d share some of our tried and tested methods for travelling with Babies, Toddlers and bigger Kids too: One – Use a Sling for little ones With smaller kids – I could easily carry Katie until she was 3 – the sling is your friend… View Post

When I was pregnant with Katie, my first baby, I packed an crazy amount of stuff in my Hospital Bag. Water spray, fluffy socks, and weirdly brand new PJs from The White Company. I dutifully read every book going and carefully, detailed my packing list in my Moleskin Baby Book. Fast forward three years, when we had Thomas, I spent so little time at the hospital I’m not sure I even opened my bag. Let alone recall what was in it. Looking through my old list and reminiscing, I’m curious what other people took with them – the good, the… View Post

June has been a funny month. In some ways it’s gone quickly but in others it’s felt like it’s gone on forever. For the first time ever, I’ve actually been away from the kids for a substantial amount of time. For the last 5 years or so, I’ve needed to go on a training course for work. All kinds of things have meant it’s just been put off. I’ve always been really reluctant to have five nights away from the kids and it just felt like too much. This year, I decided to finally bite the bullet and just go for… View Post