So last weekend, we headed off to Thomas’ first swimming lesson with Puddle Ducks and it was an absolute blast…     Although I’ve taken Thomas swimming at my gym, he has not had the months of ‘baby’ swimming that Katie had. This isn’t even a 2nd child thing – I did take him for a term. It’s just he had two reactions – both totally extreme. He either clung on round my neck like a little limpet… or just fell asleep. That’s not to say I think he was comfortable in the water – I think he just wanted… View Post

Like many children Scotland, I’m also going back to school this August. In fact, there’s not been a single year that I’ve not returned to an educational establishment since I was 4 years old. It’s funny but the feeling never really changes. I absolutely adore the summer holidays but there’s also something nice about returning to routine. I have a new planner and my pencil case is once again organised to start the year. But this year is different in that Katie is also starting school. She is now the 4 year-old with the long educational journey ahead of her.… View Post

The Edinburgh Fringe is generally renowned for the weird and wonderful. I’m prepared to expect the unexpected and brace myself for the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve seen classic children’s tales butchered and traditional songs remixed into hellish ballads. In fact, it had got to the point where I was almost reluctant to see any ‘classic’ titles for fear of having my childhood memories ruined. It was therefore an absolute joy to attend Robin Hood, as created by the Manhattan Children’s Theatre. They brought the story of Robin Hood alive in exactly the right way. There was romance,… View Post

Silent comedy perhaps isn’t the first thing I would think of to entertain children. I would worry they might be bored or distracted. But having heard the level of laughter emerging from the children at Jango Starr’s ‘One Man Shoe’ – I stand entirely corrected.    From the very start of the show, Jango’s slapstick comedy had the kids giggling uncontrollably as he lost his hat, became caught up in a coat stand and generally – was a perfect clown.

It’s always difficult to know whether my opinion is going to be shared by others. What if something is actually marmite? With festival reviews, I always try to look at the rest of the audience as well. Are they laughing? Are the children settled and happy? Has anyone walked out?! With Oskar’s Amazing Adventures there was no doubt – the audience, young and old alike, just seemed mesmerised. To back that up –  I’ve teamed up with local artist Cassandra Harrison who also attended the show with her daughter (on a different day) to get her opinion too: Laura: Oskar’s Amazing Adventure… View Post