I’m delighted to be featuring fellow Edinburgh blogger Nicola of @WeeSlice today. Nicola shares her fabulous Edinburgh life with her two kids – Lola & Lockie – and of course her other half ‘Big Slice.’ I got to know Nicola through her Instagram Stories primarily and then over cocktails. Whilst I love her Insta Stories, drinking more cocktails with her is definitely one of my life goals at present!  So get ready for AMAZING shoes and handbag confessions…

It’s almost the end of the summer holidays here in Scotland and I’m doing everything I can do hold on to them. A few weeks ago we repainted the kids playhouse to mimic the little beach huts we saw on holiday so the task now is to make the rest of the garden help us think of the beach! In my mind, a beach themed garden isn’t about achieving a particular ‘look’ but rather the feel is important. A successful beach theme will evoke memories but not be in your face. In other words, I’m not about to be dragging… View Post

Last month we had the joy of celebrating Thomas’ second birthday. It’s tricky to know whether he remotely understood that it was ‘his’ day but it would’ve felt wrong not to mark it. We spent a wonderful day with close friends at at Steam Train museum and Thomas’ was really in his element. But when it came to getting him a gift it was really quite tricky. What do you get for a child who really just likes keys? Is it mean to just give them a set of old keys?! I absolutely loath buying things for the sake of… View Post

The Edinburgh Fringe is generally renowned for the weird and wonderful. I’m prepared to expect the unexpected and brace myself for the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ve seen classic children’s tales butchered and traditional songs remixed into hellish ballads. In fact, it had got to the point where I was almost reluctant to see any ‘classic’ titles for fear of having my childhood memories ruined. It was therefore an absolute joy to attend Robin Hood, as created by the Manhattan Children’s Theatre. They brought the story of Robin Hood alive in exactly the right way. There was romance,… View Post

Silent comedy perhaps isn’t the first thing I would think of to entertain children. I would worry they might be bored or distracted. But having heard the level of laughter emerging from the children at Jango Starr’s ‘One Man Shoe’ – I stand entirely corrected.    From the very start of the show, Jango’s slapstick comedy had the kids giggling uncontrollably as he lost his hat, became caught up in a coat stand and generally – was a perfect clown.