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Edinburgh with Kids is a magazine style lifestyle blog. Primarily for parents who are looking for fresh ideas – although we welcome everyone else too! The blog offers simple, honest, inspiring and down to earth advice.


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How to Host a Dinner Party with No Stress

I'm lucky to have lots of great people people in my life, but I know I'm guilty of not prioritising time for them. But honestly, even a phone call with

Edinburgh Foodies Festival

We had a fab Friday at Edinburgh Foodies Festival in Inverleith Park. There's a wide variety of street food on offer and plenty delicious drinks to wash it down with.

5 Reasons to Grow Your Own Food

Have you ever wanted to channel your inner Charlie Dimmock? Or perhaps you've sunk a few glasses of wine whilst watching the Chelsea Flower show and thought that you must instantly

Zero-Waste Shopping in Edinburgh

Every so often a video pops up in my news feed about ‘plastic-free’ shops where you can take your jars or containers and just re-fill them. However, they always seem

How to create a more conscious home

7 Ways To Reduce Plastic in the Bathroom

4 Reasons Why I Carry a Climate Cup…

Become Plastic Free in 6 Weeks

How to create a more conscious home

How to create a more conscious home

As spring approaches, all this talk about Marie Kondo and decluttering has got me thinking. Every year it is the

Have you met Edinburgh’s Bra Whisperer?

Have you met Edinburgh’s Bra Whisperer?

For something women wear everyday, I would suspect that most women do not know much about bras. It wouldn't be