Embark on an unforgettable family journey through Scotland’s rich heritage with a visit to Edinburgh Castle. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or simply seeking a day of exploration with your children, Edinburgh Castle promises an immersive experience like no other. Join us as we uncover the practicalities of visiting this iconic landmark with kids and discover the captivating treasures it holds within its ancient walls.

Getting to Edinburgh Castle

Located in the heart of central Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle is easily accessible by bus, taxi, or car. For families driving, the NCP Edinburgh Castle Terrace Car Park offers convenient parking options. By validating your parking ticket at the Audio booth within the castle, you can enjoy reduced parking rates, making your visit more budget-friendly. Alternatively, consider the Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour for a hassle-free sightseeing experience.

Edinburgh Castle gateway. This is the entrance to the castle from the esplanade.

Navigating the Castle’s Terrain

As with many historical sites, Edinburgh Castle’s terrain presents challenges for families with young children. While buggies are welcome, navigating the cobbled floors and steep sections requires careful consideration. However, ramps and accessibility features ensure that all visitors can explore the castle’s wonders comfortably. Remember to prioritise your time and plan your route to accommodate your children’s needs. If you can – a sling for a baby/toddler would be ideal!

Exploring Edinburgh Castle’s Attractions

From the moment you enter Edinburgh Castle, you’ll be immersed in centuries of Scottish history and culture. Marvel at the ancient St. Margaret’s Chapel, dating back to the 12th century, or explore the regal splendor of the Royal Palace and Great Hall. Delve into the fascinating exhibits at the National War Memorial and the National War Museum of Scotland, and don’t miss the chance to view the exquisite Scottish Crown Jewels.

A view of buildings within the castle. This one is still used by the military.

Tips for Families

To make the most of your visit, arrive early to beat the crowds and head straight to the Crown Jewels. As you explore the castle, keep in mind that younger children may have limited patience, so prioritise the most captivating attractions. The restaurant can get busy so consider bringing snacks or dining elsewhere to avoid long waits. If you don’t have Historic Scotland membership, I’d also definitely book ahead. In fact, even with membership, it’s still worth reserving a spot as it really can get busy!

A view of the city from the castle from one of the castle's canons. The sky is grey.

Despite the challenges of navigating its historic terrain, Edinburgh Castle remains a must-visit destination for families. While bringing a baby or toddler may require flexibility and careful planning, the rewards of exploring this iconic landmark together are immeasurable. As you wander through its ancient halls and sweeping vistas, you’ll create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. So pack your sense of adventure and embark on a family journey through Scotland’s rich heritage at Edinburgh Castle. Remember, children under 5 enter for free, making Edinburgh Castle an affordable outing for families and entrance is included with Historic Scotland Membership (an absolute bargain when you think about how many places you can visit… like Blackness!)

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