Autumn/Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2016

The term ‘capsule wardrobe’ is certainly not a new one. However, a quick Google will soon find a whole myriad of ‘rules’ and a vast variety of ‘how to’ guides. In my mind, there’s no hard and fast way that capsule wardrobes have to be put together. Some people protest that when they expand to 30+ items, that they can hardly in considered capsule. But I reckon, that whatever works for you is best!

I don’t have a huge space to store clothes, but equally live in a climate where it really wouldn’t work to wear the same clothes all year round. For that reason, I like to keep the same basic wardrobe but to update it or rotate items seasonally.

Back in March, I put together my wardrobe for Spring which saw me through most of the Scottish summer too. I had to add in a few pairs of shorts for our holiday in America, but for the most part it has remained the same.

Obviously, the return to work necessitated that I also needed to address my formal wardrobe. I’m still about 4lbs above my ‘normal’ weight now but was well over a stone heavier upon my return. For that reason, a capsule wardrobe made more sense than ever; I didn’t have the budget for vast variation but needed something that would fit well and be functional.

I do still like to adopt a more casual look on the weekends though; and actually changing my clothes is a good way to ‘switch off’ work mode. Therefore, for Autumn/Winter 16 I effectively have a capsule with two subsections. As I said before – my wardrobe, my rules!Read More »Autumn/Winter Capsule Wardrobe 2016

Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2016

Keeping up to date with ‘current fashion’ has never really been a top priority for me, but that’s not to say that I don’t like to be aware of what’s on trend.

Recently, I’ve been pondering about how to update my style for Spring 2016 and whether there’s anything out there that could work for me.

As a starting point, I turned to Vogue (as the bible of fashion) to see what they  decreed as the trends for Spring/Summer. I have to admit that this had me chuckling rather, as I pictured walking up the hill to school in a ‘Luxe Greek Chic’ number or a style best described as ‘Lingerie’! Aside from causing others to laugh, I’m pretty sure I’d freeze to bits! After all, Spring/Summer in Edinburgh usually just means slightly warmer rain.Read More »Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2016

Style: 3 Steps to hide Tired Eyes

Sleep deprivation has brought at least one new skill: disguise!  Over the last four years I ‘ve become pretty adept at finding tricks to hide tired eyes.

Last Spring, I was really struggling with the combination of a lack of sleep, pregnancy and working full-time. Yet one day when I walked into the staffroom, a colleague commented that I was looking much less tired. In fact, several people said I was looking ‘much more like myself.’ My great secret? Read More »Style: 3 Steps to hide Tired Eyes

Style: Boy Leggings

If asked to describe a typical baby boy’s wardrobe I’m not sure leggings would feature that highly. Although adult males obviously wear similar styles in the form of tight fitting jeans or more obviously, running tights, when it comes to children’s wear they seem to firmly in the ‘girl’ camp.

I generally favour gender neutral clothing but I don’t think it would’ve occurred to me to dress a boy in leggings. Probably because I wouldn’t have considered them neutral but rather more feminine – that is until I received an awesome pair of Blade & Rose leggings from my friend Megan!

I really enjoy dressing Thomas and have a number of items in his wardrobe that I love but these are hands down my new favourite. Today I give you my top three reasons for dressing your baby – boy or girl – in Blade & Rose leggings:
Read More »Style: Boy Leggings

Bunny Hop

Style: Bunny hop

I was a little in awe meeting the fabulous Julia Murray this week and have really been looking forward to introducing her to you, along with her fabulous new venture – Bunny Hop!

Bunny Hop is an online boutique that stocks fun, functional clothing and accessories for kids, from 0-6. Rather than bowing to the expectations of the mass market it aims to bring high quality, natural products that children will enjoy wearing. I’ve learnt over the years that both Ben and Katie will not wear something, no matter how expensive or ‘designer’, if it’s not comfortable or does not allow play, so I very much was drawn to this aim.Read More »Style: Bunny hop

Style: The opinion of a three-year old

My daughter Katie has very set ideas about what constitutes ‘style’ in that on any given day she is absolutely determined that she will wear what she wants to wear. On a very odd occasion, this will match what I want. On a good day, I would describe her as independent of thought, or strong-minded. On a bad? Downright stubborn.

On Wednesday, we were having one of ‘those’ days. Rather than having her usual fruit and toast for breakfast, Katie wanted sandwiches. Then at lunch, she insisted that she needed her cereal bar before her bread and butter – after I caved in and said she could eat them in whatever order she wanted to – she ate the bread first.

I knew that to leave the house on schedule, I would need to start the process in plenty of time. Forty minutes before the starting time of her Art class, I said it was time to get dressed. She had noticed that Thomas and her Grandma were both wearing blue and white stripes (by coincidence – we’re not that weird) so she wanted to as well. Thinking this was an easy request, I set out her Polarn O’Pyret striped top, navy bubble skirt, some M&S grey tights and then her new boots from the Treehouse in Stockbridge. In my opinion, this, with a coat, was suitable for the weather, easy to wash (so fine for art) and she’d look presentable.Read More »Style: The opinion of a three-year old

Style: It’s more than just clothes!

I’ve been talking to Hannah, owner of the fabulous 56 Newington. Back in the spring I saw a post on Edinburgh Gossip Girls about HD Brows and after a quick Google decided to check it out. I was so glad I followed up on the link but not only because I was delighted with my new brows. The stylist that had been recommended turned out to be beyond lovely and my day was greatly improved by meeting her:

Hannah was warm and friendly, making me feel instantly at ease and she obviously knew what she was doing working quickly and confidently. She took the time not only to show me how I could fill the gaps in my brows for a more polished look, but to talk about other make up and treatments in general.

Since having a baby, I really didn’t want to neglect my brows and was delighted that Hannah was happy for me to bring him along – he simply sat on my lap watch everything that was happening. Hannah even went above and beyond holding him whilst I grabbed the change bag from the car for an emergency nappy change!

When I heard that Hannah was opening her salon I was more than willing to follow her there and was keen to share her magic with you:

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