I feel like it’s always nice to start the year with a fresh approach to things. So with that in mind, I decided to take another look at my capsule wardrobe for Winter 2018. I added some lovely things in Autumn after a visit to Rosy Penguin – and I was lucky enough to receive some lovely things for Christmas too.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

There are so many different approaches to capsule wardrobes, but I would really recommend starting out at un-fancy. Caroline has really hit the nail on the head for me. It’s not necessarily about having a prescribed number of clothes; rather it’s about ‘intentional purchases, less shopping, and more joy.’

By maintaining a much smaller wardrobe, I can be choosier with the clothes I buy. I’m very aware of the problem of using plastic fibres and our oceans so prefer to buy clothes of a natural material. I also like to find clothes that I really love – so want them to last as well! I really don’t enjoy rummaging in big chain stores and much prefer shopping in independent boutiques (and Edinburgh has some awesome ones!).

Some of my clothes needed to be replaced this season having been utilised in several capsules- whereas if you look back to previous capsules you’ll see that some of items have been pulled out of storage for another year. For example, I’m delighted that my winter coat is still fulfilling it’s purpose 3 years on!

The rules?

I choose a number that works for me – usually between 30-40 items. This includes tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and shoes. This season I added a hat and scarf into my official list but I have jewellery that I wear all through the year that’s not on there. Following Caroline’s directive, the capsule does not include gym kit, bags, swimwear, PJs, loungewear, underwear, or stuff you’d wear for DIY around the house. I’m actually typing this wearing a sweatshirt and lounge pants from Hush – but given I wouldn’t wear these out the house – I’m happy they don’t count!

I should add that I don’t have lots of gym clothes/PJs etc. and that these all fit into one drawer in my cupboard. I’ve found that one of the nicest things about having a capsule wardrobe is the lack of clutter. It’s very easy to find the clothes that I’m looking for and to keep everything tidy!

Once I have my capsule wardrobe sorted, the most important rule is no shopping until Spring. I know I don’t actually need to buy anything because I’ve planned.


I initially look for inspiration – perhaps from magazines, style bloggers or even Instagram. I love that Rosy Penguin often shares pictures of the clothes they sell so I can get an idea of how to mix outfits up!

When Caroline was devising her capsule for Autumn, she asked herself four questions as a starting point to planning her capsule. I’ve adapted them for my life in Edinburgh in order to think exactly what I need. By planning ahead, there’s no need for impulse shopping or last minute panics about what to wear. Everything is already there ready to go!

1 | What’s the weather like where I live? 

We and cold but with variable temperatures. This week it’s been almost in double digits at times whereas just a few weeks ago it was -6! Layering is very useful so I want to include some knits that I could wear under a jacket, but I also want to include my long parka, hat and scarf.

2 | What’s my lifestyle like right now? Where do I spend most of my time?

I work 5 days a week so need clothes suitable for work – but this doesn’t always have to be incredibly formal. Lots of people opt for skirts/sweaters rather than suits so I like to have a mix. For home, obviously loungewear is acceptable but I probably find smart/casual events the most stressful in terms of not knowing what to wear! Judith from Rosy Penguin helps put together a few options for me – so obviously I’m including those in my wardrobe for this season too.

3 | What colors am I into right now? What colors do I already have going in my wardrobe that might work for winter?

I love blush pink and natural gravitate towards neutrals – white, grey and black. I’ve tried to include some khaki green as I think this goes really well with pink. Plus it’s nice to mix it up a little. There’s a bit of blue in my wardrobe too – but more for work than anything else.

4 | How am I feeling and what can I do to address that?

I’m feel very bloated a lot of the time and uncomfortable in tight clothing. The obvious answer is to increase time at the gym! But beyond that – layering is useful (baggier on the top and skinny on the bottom), dresses and even elasticated waists – but think jersey skirt not frumpy old lady clothes!

And so, this is what I’ve come up with – I’d love to know what you think:

Kind of thing I’m going for…

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