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Have you Discovered the New-Look Pizza Express?

Do you have a favourite pizza place in Edinburgh? After living here for ten years, I can honestly say I’ve tried a lot of different places! But as a family we always come back to Pizza Express; with it’s family-friendly menu, seasonal variation, and helpful staff it is no surprise that it’s a firm favourite here in Edinburgh. The Autumn menu has brought some amazing flavours – like, the Romana Caponata which has fried aubergine cooked with green olives, tomatoes, onion, capers, oil and vinegar with buffalo mozzarella and tomato and is finished with Gran Milano cheese and fresh basil. That should be enough on it’s own but there’s lots of other reasons to appreciate Pizza Express too…

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Food: 5 restaurants to try in Edinburgh this Autumn with kids

Edinburgh is undoubtedly King when it comes to good restaurants. There’s so many amazing places opening that it’s hard not to feel envious when I see pictures of cocktails popping up on Instagram. But why should having kids mean I should miss out on any of that? Kids equally can enjoy good food and my two are certainly capable of providing decent chat – so here’s five places to try this Autumn WITH the kids…Read More »Food: 5 restaurants to try in Edinburgh this Autumn with kids

The Pantry Stockbridge

I know lots of parents who still go out regularly. They still know the best place for dinner. Or where to get the best cocktail in town. They have a wardrobe bursting forth with suitable attire. I just would not have a clue.

It’s not that I’m against going out by any means. It’s just not really on my agenda.

Since having the kids I’ve just found I don’t find it as fun as I once did. Although Thomas is now sleeping through as well – getting both kids to sleep to begin with can be tricky. So often when I’m out in the evening I find myself worrying about how they’re getting on.

Once you factor in things like the cost of drinks, dinner, and the inevitable taxi home it becomes quite expensive. On finding myself in a restaurant before Christmas with tepid food, high noise levels, and annoyingly leery men – I did kind of wonder why I had bothered.

The company I was meeting there was wonderful – it’s just the setting wasn’t for me.

This got me thinking about alternative date nights. I still really enjoy eating out – especially when I know the food is going to be good. But equally, I don’t want to be condemned to a life of ‘kid friendly’ chain restaurants. Or even for the kids to be in our faces the whole time.

On pondering what ‘Edinburgh with Kids’ really meant to me, there was a single word that kept ringing out: Read More »The Pantry Stockbridge

Food: Café Milk

The first time I went to Cafe Milk at the Edinburgh Sculpture workshop there was a lot I liked: I thought the lighting was amazing – even though there’s a limited amount of windows and the ceiling is low it still feels spacious. The use of dark paint on one wall works really well and I just really liked the feel. The tables are well spaced apart so we weren’t intruding on anyone else’s space. People were constructing things in the courtyard outside so the kids were entertained and I could just relax.

What I wasn’t sure about was the food. I remember I had something with avocado but it felt like everything was caked in some spice or other. My Mum had porridge with every kind of trendy substance going. The cakes were amazing in terms of an adult palette but there wasn’t anything really for the kids – who were then pretty miserable. It was kind of a let down and wasn’t somewhere to beat my usual sources of brunch.

However, given that I really liked the location, décor and staff – I decided to go back and I am beyond glad that I did.Read More »Food: Café Milk