Edinburgh is undoubtedly King when it comes to good restaurants. There’s so many amazing places opening that it’s hard not to feel envious when I see pictures of cocktails popping up on Instagram. But why should having kids mean I should miss out on any of that? Kids equally can enjoy good food and my two are certainly capable of providing decent chat – so here’s five places to try this Autumn WITH the kids…

The Pantry Stockbridge

The Pantry has that magical combination needed for a good restaurant: décor that’s nicer than your house, buzzing conversation and food that’s so delicious, you’ll still be dreaming of it months later. Top tip: Get there for opening if you want to be guaranteed a table for brunch – this is a local favourite!


Vappianos is new to the scene in Edinburgh this Autumn and it’s about time too! I’ve only been to a branch in Germany so I’m hoping that it’s losing nothing whilst crossing Europe. Think customised fresh pasta and pizza served really quickly. I’m expecting to have to hugely up my gym time to cope with all the carbs that will soon be consumed!

Söderberg Pavillon

I could not be happier that the Jazz festival is continuing at Söderberg in the form of Jazz Sundays. The schedule is out for every Sunday until the end of October. We’ve now been a few times and the kids continue to be utterly entranced by the live music and delicious food. What’s not to like?!

Crollas Gelateria

Crollas was new to Leith this summer (check out my live on Facebook!) and continues to provide much delight to my family. Ice cream mixed with chocolate is amazing at the best of times, but this branch also doubles up as a chocolatier with handcrafted chocolates actually being crafted on site. I’m also in awe of the range of dairy-free options on offer – their chocolate sorbet is truly astonishing. It’s like eating a rich chocolate mousse yet it completely dairy and soya free!

Herringbone – Goldenacre

Mimicking it’s success from North Berwick, Herringbone has finally landed in the city providing local craft beer practically on my doorstep. With kids (and dogs) welcome – I’m predicting this to be a family favourite very quickly.

Where’s your favourite place to eat with your kids? What do you consider to be the ‘must-haves’? I’d love to hear about any places I’ve missed!

3 thoughts on “Food: 5 restaurants to try in Edinburgh this Autumn with kids”

  1. I took a discerning 5 year old to Quattrozero, in Queensferry Road for lunch. The staff were welcoming, immediately understood her dairy allergy and made a pizza to her requirements. The waitress spoke directly to her, rather than via me. I enjoyed my meal too, partly because I was relaxed. Will go there again.

    1. What a great recommendation! So nice to find somewhere that’s allergy friendly too! On of my favourite restaurants pre-kids quickly fell out of favour as the service was so slow I just couldn’t relax for fear of the kids disturbing other diners!

  2. The Family Feast Night at TurtleDove in Davidson Mains is a brilliant new addition. It’s 5.50pm – 8pm on the first Friday of the month and they do different themes each month. The next one is Asian Fusion and then in November it’s French Bistro. The kids can play and the food just keeps on coming, like a giant tasting menu! It’s BYOB too.

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