​The latest addition to Bruntsfield’s swathe of eatery choices is Black Ivy. Formerly known as The Links Hotel, Billy Lowe has transformed the neighbourhood bar and hotel into a pocket of glamour for guests and local residents.
I popped in and had a nose around and I was pleasantly suprised. For those that knew The Links Bar and Hotel, you won’t recognise the new venue. There are two bars, a ping pong table room, vintage chandeliers, beautiful large fire places and most importantly, comfy seats.
It’s got a cosy feel without feeling too decadent. I loved the beer tanks, beautiful to look at and unique to the interior. The outdoor terrace with fire pits will no doubt be well used throughout the year. It had really relaxed feel and I’ve since been in twice and the service has been excellent on every occasion.
The seasonal food menu includes a seven-day brunch and families are welcome too. I challenge anyone young or old to find the 1p coins hidden amongst the American nickels that make up some of the floor. It might just keep your children amused long enough for you to enjoy a meal uninterrupted!
P.S. This isn’t a sponsored post but thanks to Black Ivy for letting us use their images! You can check out their website to book at table.

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