Are you ready to be spellbound by a mesmerizing spectacle of magic, fire, and side-splitting dad jokes? Look no further than JezO’s Car-Crash Magic Show, a must-see performance that guarantees laughter and amazement. We kicked off this year’s Fringe at the Gilded Balloon (on Chambers Street), relishing the chance to dodge the Edinburgh rain whilst finding the perfect indoor entertainment for the whole family.

From the moment he took to the stage, JezO’s infectious energy and charisma captivated the audience. The combination of fast-paced magic tricks and his skillful comedic timing had everyone laughing and wondering what on earth would be next. Even a day later, my youngest son Thomas, aged 8, is still giggling and reciting ‘magic and illusion’ whilst pretending to have a task pigeon – it sounds random, because it is… but it’s still hilarious.

The venue, Gilded Balloon, proved to be an ideal setting for JezO’s Car-Crash Magic Show. Despite the weather outside, the cozy and intimate atmosphere inside the theater created an immersive experience, allowing us to fully appreciate every trick and fiery spectacle. The number of fire tricks added a lot of excitement and Thomas’ face when the cannon ‘accidentally’ went off was a treat! I should also give a nod to the guys in charge of lighting and sound – I know they don’t have time to work on shows in advance (there’s a huge number of shows at each venue and this was really early in the run). But they got the sound level just right and the both sound and lightening added to the overall production.

JezO’s Car-Crash Magic Show seamlessly blends jaw-dropping magic tricks with a plethora of dad jokes that had the adults groaning and the kids giggling. JezO’s ability to engage with the audience, old and young alike, created an inclusive and interactive atmosphere that made the experience even more enjoyable. Be warned that audience participation is required a several points in the show, but he didn’t make anyone join in who wasn’t willing and it certainly wasn’t embarrassing… plus he gave a liberal amount of stickers and car air fresheners to each participant. Random… but fun.

The kids had seen JezO previously on Britain’s Got Talent – whilst this show doesn’t include knife throwing – the fire does bring the ‘danger’ and a number of mind-boggling card tricks that left the audience puzzling over how on earth he managed that… including catching the right card, from an explosion, with a rubber chicken.

In short, JezO’s Car-Crash Magic Show has magic, illusion, and at times, utterly defies the laws of reality. Get your ticket’s here.

Note: we were gifted press tickets in order to review this show. All views/opinions are our own.

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