On Wednesday we kicked our Edinburgh Festival experience with Nick Cope’s Family Song Book. We had long been looking forward to his show, given the kid’s love of his music and thankfully were not disappointed. If you’re looking for a show packed full of original music, dancing and laughter – his show is the place to be.

Nick’s songs really do take you to another world. They are packed full of imagination and tell many a tale. Whether it’s sailing on the high seas or thinking about the life of a seed.

We’ve been listening to his music for a while now; so much so, that Katie (aged 4) could sing along from the beginning. There were a couple of songs that were new to us but she was enamoured throughout. It was a little surreal finally meeting the person whose voice is often filling our house but I’m delighted that he really is a lovely as his music!

In terms of audience participation, Nick started asking the kids questions from the off (have you got fingers?!) and within minutes had adults and children laughing as a result. Katie’s absolute favourite song is about a dragon (called Keith) who lives with a witch (naturally). Nick had all the audience singing along with this – whether they knew it or not – so even the quietest kids could get involved.

Although there are clearly songs designed to make you laugh – ‘Nicola the nit’ being a personal fav – I adore his songs that you can’t help but stamp and clap along too. There was a really feel good vibe to his show making it difficult not to just smile throughout.



Between songs, Nick chatted to the audience either being incredibly silly to the delight of the kids or dropping in hilarious asides for the adults. It was clear from the off that Nick was more than happy with children making noise, or babies crying. From making jokes about the ‘skinheads’ rioting in the 4th row to anecdotes about babies leaving the best reviews – ‘I was crying throughout’ – I felt completely at ease to just let Thomas (aged 2) wander round exploring a little bit.

Towards the end of the show, Nick had all the children up on stage with him. With each child armed with a pair of Nick’s characteristic chunky glasses and a wee cardboard guitar, all the kids played and dance along to one final song. Katie particularly was utterly made up to be on the stage with him – and apologies for Thomas nibbling on the end of one of the guitars!

My only issue was that he didn’t play MY favourite song and that I’d really quite like to go back today.

Star rating? All the stars in the sky.


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