With ears adorning her head and a striking polka dot dress, the human version of Minnie Mouse is once again spinning disks at the Edinburgh Fringe. If you’re ready for a good workout – dancing like crazy with a mixture of music appealing to the young and old – Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco is the place to be.

Kicking off with ‘I feel good’ – Monski Mouse gets the Spiegel tent rocking at 11am in the morning. I didn’t think it was possible to find that much energy in the absence of coffee, but with the encouragement to leave inhibitions at the door – within minutes everyone within the tent was soon bouncing.

I loved that the music went from Katie’s favourite (I got that feeling) all the way to Thomas’ (Sleeping bunnies). No one can resist dancing along to ’99 Red Balloons’ or of course, resist joining a conga line. Monski Mouses energy is quickly infectious and there really is little option but to join in!

Of course, Monski Mouse is not a newcomer to the festival. Building on her international career as a quirky festival DJ, Monski Mouse created the Baby Disco Dance Hall in 2012. This is her fourth season at the Edinburgh Festival, playing 14 Fringe mornings. Funnily enough – it’s also the 4th time we’ve joined the party!

Some song’s are a little more organised in the show with Monski’s two dancers leading the audience in some moves. At times we were stomping around like dinosaurs, or jumping like bunnies. But all this was interspersed with the opportunity to go crazy and just freestyle. Katie loved being swung up and around – and pretty much stalked the dancers throughout!

Thomas admittedly was less sure. Whilst he adored sleeping bunnies he only really joined in with the dancing right at the end. He instead opted to hug like a koala throughout so my dancing skills were slightly hampered! It was interesting to see how different children responded as there were some the same age as him absolutely loving it. Some children just opted to run round but the great thing about the Spiegel tent is the space to actually do that.

It was lovely to see Mums, Dads, family friends, and Grandparents all joining in with the kids and evidentially having a good time. Although absolute props to the Grandma who had a baby riding on her back during the lion song!

I asked Katie following the show whether she liked it and her response was simple:

I loved it because it’s dancey and I love dancing!

Tickets are still available for the rest of the shows – dates and times vary but all the details can be found on the Assembly Festival Page. Children under 6 months enter free, and at £7.50 for everyone else – it’s a good Festival bargain!

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