Finding the Perfect Toy

Last month we had the joy of celebrating Thomas’ second birthday. It’s tricky to know whether he remotely understood that it was ‘his’ day but it would’ve felt wrong not to mark it. We spent a wonderful day with close friends at at Steam Train museum and Thomas’ was really in his element.

But when it came to getting him a gift it was really quite tricky. What do you get for a child who really just likes keys? Is it mean to just give them a set of old keys?!

I absolutely loath buying things for the sake of it and really don’t like to choose gifts that are inevitable landfill. I think it’s really important that toys are not just throw away commodities. They need to be played with in a variety of ways, appeal to different ages, and be sturdy enough to be passed on.Read More »Finding the Perfect Toy

What Should Education Look Like?

Over the last month or so we’ve had to make some very difficult decisions about Thomas’ nursery care. We had been really happy with the care provided, but when management announced a number of major changes we really had to re-assess whether it was the right place for him.

We were incredibly saddened that ultimately, the nursery appeared not to be listening to it’s own staff. Which gave us little confidence that they would bother listening to parents either. Everything just really seemed to lack common sense and has left us feeling really quite sad about the whole thing.

Thomas really adores the people who look after him and they provide excellent care. But we came to realise that no matter how well intentioned those people are, there’s just no way they could continue that level of care in the environment the management are attempting to introduce.Read More »What Should Education Look Like?

Edinburgh Family life in a Ford EcoSport


We were recently asked to test drive the Ford EcoSport to see how it stood up to family life in Edinburgh. I don’t cover a massive amount of mileage a year around Edinburgh but equally I wouldn’t survive long without a car. A car is crucial for our school-run and getting the kids to all their various activities throughout the week. So, I have three key features that I look for in cars – safety, comfort, and coffee cup holders – the more the better.

Early on Saturday morning, I took Katie and Ben off to Peoples Ford Edinburgh to pick up the Ford EcoSport. We had arranged to meet Marc Jacobs who would show us round the car and get all the tech sorted.

For fear of looking like I knew nothing, I had swotted up in advance. But on being shown round the car, I quickly realised that the main thing I had noticed was the colour availability. There was a lot more than I realised.Read More »Edinburgh Family life in a Ford EcoSport