If you are local to Edinburgh and have’t heard of the ‘Edinburgh for Under Fives’ guidebook then you officially deprived. My Mum bought my first copy shortly after Katie was born and it quickly became apparent why it is much loved by so many parents.

If you’re wandering in the darkness then you need to know that Edinburgh for Under Fives is the essential guidebook for parents and carers of young children living in and around Edinburgh. With over 1000 reviews and listings of family friendly places to go, places to eat, indoor and outdoor activities, classes, playgroups, events and suggested itineraries its literally packed with things to keep you and your little ones happy.

For anyone embarking on maternity leave for the first time, or for parents new to the city – it is such a life saver.

The guide began over 30 years ago by a group of Edinburgh parents who met at an NCT class. It started as a simple pamphlet and has got bigger and glossier over the years. But it is still lovingly being written and edited by a group of busy parents who help maintain this unique guidebook. The oldest and wisest committee member is Kathy McGlew – an original founder of this committee!

The local knowledge of the committee who maintain the guidebook is evident as they really include things from all of the city – and really help uncover some amazing gems.

To mark 30 years of publication, Edinburgh For Under Fives has just launched a shiny new website. Created by Edinburgh based web designers , ‘Bad Dinosaur’, the new user friendly website can be used like an app – it can be easily accessed when you are out and about with one click search engines and pop up maps to show you where the nearest coffee shop of baby yoga class is.

If you’re looking for an additional thing to add to our Christmas list, or even are planning to visit the city then I cannot recommend this more highly: The Edinburgh For Under Fives guide book plus a year subscription to the website can be bought for £9.95 for all good book stores in Edinburgh. The online subscription is just £5.95 for a year or £2.95 for a month.

P.S.Thanks to Caroline Clayton for collaborating on this post.

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