As an Edinburgh resident and parent of two young bookworms, I’ve spent countless hours exploring the city’s literary gems and searching for the perfect books to keep my kids captivated. If your family has loved the Harry Potter series but is ready to move on to new magical adventures, you’re in luck. Here are some fantastic book recommendations and the best bookshops in Edinburgh to find them.

Best books for kids after Harry Potter

  1. The Nevermoor Series by Jessica Townsend
    This series introduces Morrigan Crow, a cursed child who escapes death to join the magical world of Nevermoor. With its rich world-building and captivating plot, Nevermoor is a must-read for young fantasy lovers.
  2. The Oneyeko Series by Tola Okogwu
    Okogwu’s series blends African mythology with modern-day adventures. It’s a refreshing take on fantasy that introduces readers to the magic and folklore of the African continent, providing both excitement and cultural enrichment.
  3. The Amari Series by BB Alston
    Follow Amari Peters as she discovers her own magical powers and investigates her brother’s mysterious disappearance. Alston’s series is not only thrilling but also promotes themes of resilience and self-discovery.
  4. The Marvellers by Dhonielle Clayton
    Set in a world where Marvellers from different cultures learn to harness their unique powers, this series is a celebration of diversity and magic. It’s a perfect read for kids who love immersive worlds and strong, diverse characters.
  5. Vivi Conway and the Sword of Legend
    This exciting tale features Vivi Conway, a young girl who embarks on a quest to find a legendary sword. Filled with humor, heart, and adventure, this book is sure to delight young readers.
  6. Cassander Darkbloom and the Threads of Power
    Follow Cassander as he unravels the mysteries of an ancient magical tapestry. This series is perfect for kids who enjoy intricate plots and rich, detailed fantasy worlds.

Discover Edinburgh’s Best Bookshops for Kids

Toppings & Company, New Town

Toppings is a haven for book lovers of all ages. Their extensive children’s section is perfect for discovering new favorites. The staff are always on hand with great recommendations, and the atmosphere is wonderfully welcoming.

Ginger and Pickles, Stockbridge

Nestled in the heart of Stockbridge, Ginger and Pickles offers a charming selection of children’s books. The cozy, whimsical decor makes it a delightful place to explore with your kids.

The Golden Hare, Stockbridge

Known for its curated selection and beautiful layout, The Golden Hare is another Stockbridge gem. They host regular events and readings that are perfect for young book enthusiasts.

Porty books in portobello. A street view and then a girl sits reading in their teepee in the kids section.

Porty Books, Portobello

Porty Books in Portobello is a community-focused bookshop with a fantastic selection of children’s books. It’s a great spot to find both new releases and classic tales.

The Edinburgh Bookshop, Bruntsfield

This award-winning independent bookshop in Bruntsfield has a wonderful children’s section. The staff’s passion for books is evident in their knowledgeable recommendations and carefully curated shelves.

Argonaut Books, Leith

Argonaut Books in Leith is a fantastic place not only to find great reads but also to enjoy a sense of community. They host a popular board games night (booking required), which is a fun way to spend an evening with fellow book and game enthusiasts.

A Magical Tour for Harry Potter Fans

For those still enchanted by the world of Harry Potter, Edinburgh offers a magical tour that takes you through the city’s iconic sites linked to J.K. Rowling’s beloved series. From the Elephant House café, where Rowling wrote parts of the books, to the stunning Victoria Street, which inspired Diagon Alley, this tour is a must for Potterheads.

But remember, there are countless other magical stories waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re exploring the enchanted streets of Edinburgh or delving into a new fantasy series, there’s a whole world of adventure out there beyond Harry Potter.

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