The Pantry Stockbridge

I know lots of parents who still go out regularly. They still know the best place for dinner. Or where to get the best cocktail in town. They have a wardrobe bursting forth with suitable attire. I just would not have a clue.

It’s not that I’m against going out by any means. It’s just not really on my agenda.

Since having the kids I’ve just found I don’t find it as fun as I once did. Although Thomas is now sleeping through as well – getting both kids to sleep to begin with can be tricky. So often when I’m out in the evening I find myself worrying about how they’re getting on.

Once you factor in things like the cost of drinks, dinner, and the inevitable taxi home it becomes quite expensive. On finding myself in a restaurant before Christmas with tepid food, high noise levels, and annoyingly leery men – I did kind of wonder why I had bothered.

The company I was meeting there was wonderful – it’s just the setting wasn’t for me.

This got me thinking about alternative date nights. I still really enjoy eating out – especially when I know the food is going to be good. But equally, I don’t want to be condemned to a life of ‘kid friendly’ chain restaurants. Or even for the kids to be in our faces the whole time.

On pondering what ‘Edinburgh with Kids’ really meant to me, there was a single word that kept ringing out: Read More »The Pantry Stockbridge

Design: Happy Retro Furniture

Ocean Terminal is an asset on a rainy day as somewhere for the kids to run around. There’s so many of those ride on machines that usually I don’t even have to venture into soft play to entertain Katie! I generally just enjoy grabbing a coffee and then wondering round looking at the shops, so I was happy to see the Scottish Design Exchange appear and have since really enjoyed snooping round from time to time.

The Scottish Design Exchange is a concept store, bringing artists and designers together in one retail space. No commission is added so you pay a fair price and whatever you pay goes directly to the artist or designer. My husband Mike, is a sculptor and in an ideal world would spend all his time producing new work. The thought, time and soul that goes into producing art can be vast and I think it’s rare that artists really get back the true value of their art. Commission particularly can be astronomical so I am hugely impressed with this venture.
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