We’re long standing fans of Theatre Fieri Ferera having reviewed their Fringe shows for a number of years now. The kids have always enjoyed their productions and ‘Will Tell and the Big Bad Baron’ did not disappoint.

A blend of different legends, the story takes you on a whirl-wind adventure with heroine Wilhelmina Tell who disguises herself as knight and sets off to rescue her dad from the definitely dodgy – Baron Boris! My son was quick to question if this was indeed the current PM, but was quickly reassured it was in fact Boris von Bummelrackenhofer – which would be an all together more amusing name for politics!

There were plenty of laughs throughout the performance for both children and adults alike with a healthy dose of slapstick alongside more grown-up references to current affairs. My husband soon found himself recruited to play the father – literally becoming part of the story! Aside from having an engaging script, the energy of the performers carried the story along – with even the scene changes causing entertainment. The songs break up dialogue and keep even the most wriggly children engaged.

Overall, the only disappointed was that the audience wasn’t larger. This is a cracking show, delivering exactly the right dose of theatre magic – tickets are only £5 with the code Tell5! – so if you’re free this week then this show is a must. Get your tickets here!

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