Signor Baffo is a dishwasher with big aspirations. When head chef, Signor Figaro, calls in sick, what else could Baffo do but step up to the plate? Sorry. More weak puns to follow…

We were welcomed to the show in unusual style. After milling around for a couple of minutes in a waiting area, Signor Baffo appeared – ding, ding – and invited us all to clamber aboard his bicycle and ride downstairs to the show. This was a great ice breaker and engaged the kids from the get-go (whilst rather surprising some guests of the Principal Hotel who we met coming the other way).

On arrival in the performance space there was a rush for the cushions at the front of the room. The main seats are all on the same level so those at the back, especially little people at the back, would struggle to see. The cushion set up is a great way to ensure that younger audience members can see all the action but there’s a risk that shy children (like my own) might not be bold enough to sit on their own so try to get seats near the front if you think your child may prefer not to be parted from you. As it was, we were front row (with my daughter on my knee) so we didn’t miss a thing.

Much slapstick comedy and chaos ensued – breakages and misunderstandings being the show’s staples – with plentiful audience participation. Kids tend to love to be right and today’s especially bright bunch revelled in correcting the hapless Baffo’s more elementary mistakes – this is a rolling pin, no? There were also several opportunities for children to join Signor Baffo on stage (subject to allergies!).

Of all the culinary catastrophes, the spaghetti and meatballs sketch was my highlight. The meatballs contained a few funny ingredients and everyone involved in spaghetti-net-tennis had a great time.

In contrast, the sausage roll scene was my least favourite, with a couple of dubious attempts at adult humour that fell flat for me and the majority of today’s audience.

Signor Baffo is no comedy genius but he can pull off an accent and he served up lots of laughs for the 5-year old target demographic. Afterwards there were pancakes, chocolate sprinkles and fake moustaches for all. Again, a huge hit with the five-year olds. This is one that the kids will enjoy and you may find yourself smiling too.

Venue 119: Principal Edinburgh George Street Hotel, 19-21 George Street, Edinburgh EH2 2PB

Dates: 2-27 August 2018 (excl. 6, 13, 20)

Times: all performances at 11am

Tickets: Available here!

P.S. We were gifted tickets for the purpose of this review but of course, all words, opinions and ideas are our own.

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