Yesterday we continued our Festival fun by checking out a show at the Underbelly – Fun Kids Radio’s Epic Roadshow Adventure! Aimed at 6-12 year olds, the show follows the premise that presenters Bex and Dan will be FIRED if the kids don’t help them to put on a show. In the Dairy Room of the Underbelly, the audience are transported to the young presenters studio and really do need to step in to save the day.

Fun Kids is actually a real radio station – offering a mix of music, games and silliness – and has been broadcasting digitally for 7 years. The show included videos from the radio station and ‘live’ phone calls back to the ‘Big Boss.’ For me, these were some of the funnier moments of the show – particularly when the boss had some problems with his ‘Alexa’ butting in at some inopportune moments.

Katie however, really did think that the presenters were going to be fired so followed the show with some level of anxiety. She obviously enjoyed herself immensely but remained concerned after the show and wanted to know whether we had done well enough! Given the plot of the story was that EVERYTHING went wrong and needed the audience to rescue it – she was right to be concerned.

Out of all the shows we’ve been to, this was definitely the most interactive. There were about five different parts to the show – from storytelling to musical performances – that required volunteers to go on stage. As two kids were wrapping their mums in toilet roll I was really reminded of primary school discos but for Kate of course, she hadn’t ever really seen anything like it and found it hilarious.

She and Ben found it even more hilarious when they volunteered me to be interviewed. I was decidedly unamused as was required to be a Fireman, with a Scottish accent, who had recently reduced the Prime Minister from a fire. Who had also been injured in a sky diving accident. It was not my finest moment. Particularly when they then requested I pretend to be a T-Rex doing the floss.

I gave it a game go and was glad the kids thought it was funny… and no one threw things. But it did strike me that for a show that depends on the audience, it’s only going to be as funny as the audience makes it. I am AWFUL at accents – my real accent is a weird mix and results in most people thinking I’m a farmer from South West England – and I really struggle to think up what to say in situations like that. At today’s show, they might have a Mum who is far more adept at Drama and utterly hilarious! A kid might do something totally unexpected during the dance scene and bring the house down! Who knows?!

If you have a kid who would like to get involved, form part of a show, and who has an active imagination – then this is definitely for them. If you don’t want to be in the spotlight – send them with someone else.

Fun Kids Radio’s Epic Roadshow Adventure is on until 27th August 2018 at 1.15pm. Tickets available here! We were gifted tickets for the purpose of this review, but all thoughts, words, and opinions are our own!

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