They are back and I have three boys that spotted the poster a mile off while we were out and about festivaling last week.

‘Mum 360 All Stars are back!’

‘Mum please can we go and see them again?’

‘Mum that’s my favourite show ever!’

We saw them two years ago and they wowed my boys enough for them not to forget. That is an achievement when usually they can’t remember what they did yesterday.

The 70’s as you enter the venue (think Michael Jackson and Earth, Wind & Fire) immediately made me want to dance to the embarrassment of my children. The show is a physical performance which explores all forms of rotation hence the incorporation of 360 in their name. The group themselves are made up of seven guys all at the top of their game.

As a parent, it was brilliant watching my children open mouthed in amazement for an hour whilst wishing I had learnt how to BMX or could do back flips….

A two-time World Champion BMX Flatlander, two World Champion break-dancers, an internationally acclaimed basketball freestyler and an exceptional roue cyr artist make it an exciting show.

It’s non-stop and the live soundtrack is performed by award winning master musician Gene Peterson and Roman MC. The live music makes it, and with a wannabe drummer in our family, sitting close to the drum kit was a bonus.

Roman MC asked the audience for random words to incorporate into to a live freestyle rap which the audience enjoyed. The fast pace and quick thinking didn’t fail to impress anyone.

The main hall is a great venue for kids too as the seating is tiered so everyone can see the stage easily. The stage itself isn’t huge which adds to the awe as the BMXers illustrate their control and tricks right up to the edges of the stage.

I challenge anyone not to be mesmerized by then tricks and skill of the performance. It’s a like a street circus and in my boys words ‘It was awesome!’

360 All Stars is on at the Assembly Hall on Mound Place until 27thAugust at 16.00

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