I often say to myself that I really don’t need another plant but then I seem to find myself with another plant. I would say I’m entirely to blame but the various plant shops of Edinburgh really don’t make it easy and my kids are really not a good influence. The first time we stepped through the door of Grow Urban, both of the kids were immediately drawn to different plants – and subsequently named them and treat them as coveted pets!

One of my favourite weekend activities has always been to meander round the Botanics hot house – so attempting to turn my house into an extension of that is only logical really. So here’s a short guide (with the help of instagram) to some of the must-visit plant shops of Edinburgh:

Grow Urban

With two branches – Grove Street in Fountainbridge and St. Vincent Street on the Stockbridge/New Town border – this really is the crown jewel of plant shops. It helps that they also serve incredible coffee.

If you have an ailing plant they are also ace at offering advice on how to rescue them too!

Green Meadows

When we’re further South in Newington, Green Meadows offers a more tropical feel (and smells divine). I love their focus on sustainability with things like the soil refill station – in which you can buy the amount you need – and array of pots made from renewable materials.

Forge and Foliage

Close by in Marchmont, Forge and Foliage (aside from offering an amazing array of plants) offers a wide array of items for plant lovers – and a Hot Chocolate bar to keep the kids extra happy!


In the heart of Stockbridge, Dahlia has pride of place on Deanhaugh Street offering the best array of ceramics and dried flowers alongside house plants – proof that I definitely need more of all three! A while ago they suggested hanging a bunch of preserved eucalyptus in the shower to work as a natural decongestant and whilst I’m not sure it’s warded off any colds – my bathroom absolutely smells divine!

Moss and Fern

Back over towards Newington, Moss and Fern also deserve a mention – offering Eco deliveries in the city centre – and best of all, workshops – like this one where you can drink, nibble, and build your own terrarium!

Are there any I’ve missed that you’d include? I’ll happily visit more in you insist!!

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