If you follow me on Instagram at all, you’ll know that we recently embarked on an epic road trip South. Usually, we’d just fly down to Gatwick but for some reason we thought it would be fun to drive.

It will be no surprise this was successful for as long as Thomas slept. The rest of the time, he was pretty grumpy.

We did however find a solution.

A solution that entertained both kids, caused them hilarity and happiness for Mike and I.

We have discovered the amazing Nick Cope.

I had been sent some CDs from Nick that I had put in the car but had completely forgotten to put them on. But at that moment the kids were going mad, I pulled them out and peace descended.

As the car filled with the upbeat sound of ‘I’m a little lizard’ it was impossible not to smile. Nick’s music is undeniably child friendly but more indie-pop than annoying twinkly/jingly stuff. It made me think of more upbeat Belle and Sebastian whilst Mike was reminiscing about some random 80s band.

So gone are the days of endless renditions of the Wheels on the Bus – we’re now all about ‘Why is the sky blue?’

It quickly became apparent that many of Nick Cope’s songs are stories in themselves. Each is different in the saga or problem that it presents. Some are just ridiculously funny – you know immediately there’s not a kid around who wouldn’t enjoy something entitled ‘The babies done a poo.’ But others communicate a much more important message – like the importance of helping the environment or coping with grief.

It was lovely that Katie was soon singing along to the various songs and was quickly requesting her favourites. The tunes are incredibly catchy but not annoyingly so. Some songs were much more upbeat than others but each one is compelling in it’s own way.

The Nick Cope Show


Nick Cope DVD Kids Music


On our return home, I put on Nick’s DVD for Katie. She’s a great fan of various TV shows that generally creep me out. Has anyone else discovered the Wiggle House on Netflix? It’s basically grown ups leaping about in lycra sining about fruit. Really odd. Anyhoo – anything that is not the Wiggle House is generally a relief. But Nick’s DVD is much more than this.

Each of Nick’s songs have been animated to reflect his lyrics. But as with his songs, they’re really gentle and not in your face. I think I’m just struck that unlike a lot of kids music, nothing about Nick’s music is hyped up like it’s had a bit too much sugar. It’s not trying too hard. It’s just laid back and tells a story in this really nice manner. There’s no one making crazy faces or sounding off loud alarms. The music just gently takes you into another world.

That’s not to say that his music isn’t infectious. It’s next to impossible not to start humming the tunes, but it’s quickly becoming the soundtrack to our lives as Katie demands the DVD on repeat.

My favourites…

My favourite is undoubtedly ‘I’m a little lizard’ but actually I have to laugh every time I see ‘NO I don’t want to do that’ on his DVD. You really need to watch to the end to understand the tongue in cheek humour that appeals to me:



I’m delighted to say that Nick will be coming to Edinburgh this year to perform in the Fringe. The show is called NICK COPE’S FAMILY SONG BOOK and it’s at the Gilded Ballon in the Sportsman every day at 11.15, 2nd-20th August with the previews from the 2nd-3rd. You’ll have to look out for Katie trying to invade the stage. Who am I kidding? I’ll be invading the stage in a fit of gratitude that we got to stop singing Incy Wincy Spider.

However, I’m also super excited that I have a Rafflecopter giveaway as well! All you need to do is answer the question below and then enter here for a chance to win a copy of The Nick Cope Show DVD AND a copy of Nick’s CD ‘A Round of Applause for the Dinosaurs.’

Nick Cope CD Prize

Competition question: Nick use to be the lead singer in a band they had a top 35 hit in the 90’s can you name the song and the band? 

The competition runs for the next two weeks ending on 20/5/17 at 12am – best of luck! UK entrants only I’m afraid!

PS. This is a collaborative post but all views are my own!

PPS. To be super clear: Prize is one copy of ‘The Nick Cope Show DVD’ AND one copy of Nick’s CD ‘A Round of Applause for the Dinosaurs.’ , there is no monetary exchange available. The prize will be sent direct to the winner by the producers, Edinburgh with kids cannot be held responsible for lost prizes. All winner decisions are final, the winner will be contacted once the competition has ended and will have 1 week to claim their prize or a new winner will be drawn.

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