There is no denying that dark evenings are closing in fast and with that, motivation for outside exercise is waning. The idea of going for a run in the cold and dark just doesn’t appeal. You may be one of those people who can run about with a head torch, but you know… just no.

It’s time to embrace staying in doors and just appreciating the wealth of inspiration you can find on the internet. Whether your thing is yoga and meditation, or HITT workouts to burn the pounds in as short as time as possible. It’s great that there really is something for everything…

30 Minute Power Yoga

‘Do Yoga With Me’ has some great youTube challenges and there’s just a great array of quick classes out there too. Find something that fits your time frame and stretch – cold weather can bring so many little aches and just niggles, it’s good to connect with what’s happening. Plus in a hectic world, it’s nice to just breathe!


You could follow this workout, but equally you could just watch in awe. Jake Dupree has so much energy and totally love his humour too. Check out his Instagram if you want to laugh!

Just wear the clothes

Ok, if you haven’t seen this video before then you surely must be living under a rock. Or perhaps you have a life that involves more than social media…. Either way, it’s hilarious. I think this probably accounts for 85% of the women in active wear in Edinburgh.

Connect with your inner child…

This kid speaks a lot of sense. What are these people doing?!

Sometimes, it just makes more sense in life to not go to the gym or get sweaty in your living room. Instead, pick up the phone and just call your friends to come hang out over a nice meal. Fitness has more than one purpose and at the end of the day – mental fitness can be gained in lots of ways. Sometimes, it’s just good to laugh!

Do you have any favourite fitness channels? In all seriousness, I’d love to find some new ones and not just get distracted by cat videos all the time.



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