No, you’re not imagining it, there really is light at the end of the covid tunnel and it is getting brighter by the day!

A lot of our blog content revolves around reviewing and recommending local attractions and events. With that in mind, you’ll understand why we have been a bit quiet over the past year. But we are so ready to be back; to go out and remind ourselves of everything that Edinburgh has to offer and to share our experiences.

First up is Dynamic Earth. We are incredibly lucky in Edinburgh to have world class attractions on our doorstep and I would count Dynamic Earth in that category. It is also a good adverse weather option – something we have had plenty of lately!

Dynamic Earth has re-opened on weekends only throughout May and June and is offering tickets for the main tour (approx. 90min) and for the brand new show in the recently upgraded planetarium (approx. 30 min). We were invited to preview the planetarium show which has just launched (rocket pun intended!).

The planetarium dome may be familiar to some from previous visits to Dynamic Earth but it has now been fitted out with a brand new Digistar 6K resolution giant screen with surround sound. The auditorium seating reclines ever so slightly to improve your view of the 360° panoramic screen so you can literally sit back and enjoy the show in comfort.

And what a brilliant show it is. We were transported out of the building, through the earth’s atmosphere and then treated to a guided tour of the solar system. The pace of the narrative that accompanies the show is good and the content is very well pitched – informative and detailed enough to be engaging but without being boring. Younger children will likely just be in awe of the visuals (to be fair, this also applies to adults), while older kids will get a chance to build on any prior knowledge of astronomy and space history that they may already have, learning new space facts and seeing the planets up close. The final whizz through the Milky Way and out into open space prompted the kids to ask questions about other galaxies and alien lifeforms and it left me pondering how truly insignificant we are here on our tiny planet earth…

As is to be expected, there are covid safety measures in place throughout the centre and we felt very safe. Numbers will be limited and advance booking is essential.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

We were kindly gifted attendance at the planetarium show preview but were not obliged to write a review and all views are our own.

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