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Parenting: What really matters on Mother’s Day?

The  history of Mother’s Day is somewhat convoluted in the UK with many differing opinions.  Some sources say that it is the day that one should return to your home or ‘mother’ church, others  say that it  is a day to honour the Virgin Mary, whilst there is also the popular view that it’s really a day to buy your Mother gifts of appreciation. 

Marketing has  been pushing the term ‘Mother’s Day’ but in Britain (for whatever the purpose) it is more traditional to celebrate ‘Mothering Sunday’. This is always celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent – marking a respite within a time that is usually reserved for austerity. 

When I was small my parents decreed that Father’s day was too commercial (this may have been to do with my Dad disliking presents) but Mothering Sunday was always given heed. As church goers we had an easy gift,  as there was always an opportunity within the service to go collect a small posy and to deliver it to Mum. I think we were likely to buy cards (or rather I would buy a card and my brother would sign it) – but now I’m a Mother myself, I wonder if there’s really much in receiving a card like this.Read More »Parenting: What really matters on Mother’s Day?

Food: My perfect dinner party

Who would you invite to your perfect dinner party? It’s an age old ice breaker question but the answer reveals so much about a person.

Some people go to extremes and opt for historical figures like Hitler (Why?!) or even Jesus – some I’m sure would want to challenge him about atrocities committed in the name of religion whilst others look for the meaning of life. It’s an old game but one I’ve been considering recently.Read More »Food: My perfect dinner party

Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2016

Keeping up to date with ‘current fashion’ has never really been a top priority for me, but that’s not to say that I don’t like to be aware of what’s on trend.

Recently, I’ve been pondering about how to update my style for Spring 2016 and whether there’s anything out there that could work for me.

As a starting point, I turned to Vogue (as the bible of fashion) to see what they  decreed as the trends for Spring/Summer. I have to admit that this had me chuckling rather, as I pictured walking up the hill to school in a ‘Luxe Greek Chic’ number or a style best described as ‘Lingerie’! Aside from causing others to laugh, I’m pretty sure I’d freeze to bits! After all, Spring/Summer in Edinburgh usually just means slightly warmer rain.Read More »Spring Capsule Wardrobe 2016

Design: February Reading Review

Still making the best of my Kindle Unlimited subscription, I have continued with my reading challenge this month. As a result I have a number of books to review and recommend!

I’ve always enjoyed reading and am aware that I have probably read a fair number of books over the years – but I’ve never actually kept track of how many. After seeing ‘Good reads’ popping up on my Facebook page, I thought it would be fun to set a challenge of reading 52 books over the year.

I have no idea if this is more or less than I usually read but I thought it a reasonable number to help me get good value from Kindle Unlimited!

With a hectic half term with all three kids, and a poorly Thomas I’ve found my reading time a little restricted this month. I’ve managed to read eight books, two however being Short Stories. This isn’t a genre that I’ve opted for before but I find it difficult to shop on the Kindle, so have often picked books a little randomly! It’s certainly made for some interesting reading:Read More »Design: February Reading Review

Make the Most of the Edinburgh Innertube

Have you heard of the Edinburgh Innertube?

If you have – then congratulations!  You are probably aware of the wonderful network of off-street paths for cycling and walking that Edinburgh has to offer.

If not, and you thought Edinburgh Council were about to introduce an Underground system to add to the tram debacle, you are forgiven as they are pretty notorious for crazy decisions.Read More »Make the Most of the Edinburgh Innertube

Visiting Dynamic Earth with Kids

Dynamic Earth has always been on my list of places to visit, but I had never quite gotten round to it. I was never quite sure how to navigate there by car and I wasn’t quite sure Katie was old enough. However, when a fellow Mum from school suggested a play date there over half term – it was obvious that the time was right!

Dynamic Earth is probably the most accurate educational experience I’ve visited  in some time. Years of Geography lessons started hurtling back towards me as the kids started playing with an exhibition designed to show how rock changes as it’s compressed. As the first voice-over began, I started to recall helping my University flatmate revise for her Geology exams – and in all honesty, I thought I had been a bit too tired to take any of it in!Read More »Visiting Dynamic Earth with Kids

Style: 3 Steps to hide Tired Eyes

Sleep deprivation has brought at least one new skill: disguise!  Over the last four years I ‘ve become pretty adept at finding tricks to hide tired eyes.

Last Spring, I was really struggling with the combination of a lack of sleep, pregnancy and working full-time. Yet one day when I walked into the staffroom, a colleague commented that I was looking much less tired. In fact, several people said I was looking ‘much more like myself.’ My great secret? Read More »Style: 3 Steps to hide Tired Eyes

The Philosophy series: The Epictetus edition

Today we continue with the Philosophy series – asking what wisdom the second century C.E. philosopher, Epictetus can impart to parents today. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been thinking a lot about returning to work but I think that he has provided a way to look at the world a little differently.

Epictetus based his work on the philosophy of early Stoics – think logic, physics, and ethics – but the teaching we can draw on today (the Discources and the Handbook) largely focus on ethics. The ultimate aim of a Stoic teacher was to help his students reach eudaemonia (happiness). Given that happiness is a good goal to hold both as a parent and individual, I don’t think it’s a bad pursuit.Read More »The Philosophy series: The Epictetus edition