Who would you invite to your perfect dinner party? It’s an age old ice breaker question but the answer reveals so much about a person.

Some people go to extremes and opt for historical figures like Hitler (Why?!) or even Jesus – some I’m sure would want to challenge him about atrocities committed in the name of religion whilst others look for the meaning of life. It’s an old game but one I’ve been considering recently.

The Perfect Dinner Party

My perfect dinner party wouldn’t have anyone particularly contentious. I would want to have a good time, laugh and appreciate the food. Someone objectionable would put me off my meal and would generate too much debate at the table. Who likes to fight when there’s good food to eat?

The other side of things that I’ve been considering is the actual food – cooking for lots of people can be quite stressful. As this is an ideal world scenario I would hire a caterer to do ‘stacked food’ – you know the type that’s really tasty but everything comes in a pretty little pile? I’d also have lots of courses so no one would be disappointed by small portions and there definitely would be cheese involved somewhere…. and lots of wine. But no one would get horribly drunk and ruin the party!

As to the invitees, I have a list of people that I’d like to meet or that I reckon would bring laughter to a meal. In this perfect scenario I would also have a rule that I can ask whatever questions I want and answers would be given honestly – it’s a pretty good dream world.

I’d obviously include my husband as my date so that just means I need a further six guests:

Mary Berry

First up would have to be Mary Berry. I adore Bake Off, not because I love to bake, but largely because of the love I have for Mary Berry. She would be my ideal guest because even if the food did turn out to be disappointing – she would still find something nice to say about it.

I’ve recently been watching the Sport Relief Bake Off (not as good but need a fix) and you know some of the dishes have got to be pretty disgusting; but Mary Berry still manages to come up with something nice – it might just be something like ‘well, it’s a jolly colour!’ – but it’s as if she’s programmed to be positive to make up for people being mean. I think she would be an excellent guest.

Miranda Hart

It was a toss up between Miranda Hart and Dylan Moran, but although I really like Dylan Moran in Blackbooks (and he would make a HORRIBLE guest), Miranda won out. I loved her television comedy and really enjoyed reading her autobiography. I don’t watch a lot of comedy and there’s not much that has made me actually fall off the sofa laughing… but her series genuinely had me in stitches. Such fun!

JK Rowling

I’ve written about my love of the Harry Potter novels before but a dream scenario wouldn’t be right without an opportunity to quiz JK about anything and everything. I have tickets to see her new play this summer and am really looking forward to it – BUT there are so many things I want to know . Plus the idea of quizzing her about various characters and the ideas behind plot line – it would be very cool.

Ian Mckellan and Patrick Stewart

I get a variety of things that pop up on my Facebook but a reoccurring favourite is this – the times Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellan proved they were best friends. It strikes me that as a duo they would provide excellent company. I also think they are both great actors in their own right and would have a wealth of good stories to tell – always a bonus.

Idris Elba

Finally, I’d invite Idris Elba. Largely because I know he has good conversation through a chance encounter…

My Mum rang me one day so say that she had been for a walk up the coast line near my home town and bumped into this ‘rather lovely man’. They talked about a few things (including dog leads) and he just seemed nice.

Later than day I was looking at Facebook and a few people were talking about filming that was taking place for the new series of Luther along the same area of coast line.

I rang my Mum back and yes, she had been talking to Idris Elba and hadn’t had a clue!

Given that he was nice enough to meander along talking to my Mum – I figure he deserves a place at the table!

6 thoughts on “Food: My perfect dinner party”

  1. I ahve had this question put to me so so many times lol at job intro’s etc, and I hate it I never know what to say and always feel like you should say something witty and choose really unique people haha but my honest answer would be something like my friends and family I am so so anxious with strangers so I think a stranger dinner party sounds awful haha x

  2. Interesting list. I think I;d invite heroes from the past…that would be interesting! I enjoyed reading this post. Very interesting!

  3. Ha I loved this post. I love discussing things like this. It’s a very interesting line up from you. There are so many I’d like I think it would have to be themed so actors or chefs etc lol x

  4. That’s an interesting bunch of people to invite to your dinner party! I would love to quiz JK Rowling, so I think she would be on mine, not sure about who else I would invite though.

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