Anyone who lives in a household that involves food allergies will be familiar with the heartache of parties and festive seasons. I don’t know about anyone else, but I find myself doing a quick scan of food tables, quickly assessing what I can add to my daughter’s plate and what I need to move away!

We’re lucky in that Katie does not have any acute reactions to foods but if she were to ingest foods on her list of intolerances – let’s just say it wouldn’t make for an unpleasant couple of days.

Unfortunately for Katie, cows’ protein is right at the top of the list of things she has to avoid – which obviously makes the vast majority of Easter Eggs off limits -so what alternatives are out there?

Moo Free Easter Eggs, 4.25

Easter egg equiv

Moo Free are our ‘go to’ chocolates throughout the year as Katie seems to really like their range of chocolate bars. They have cute packaging and come in a range of flavours. Whilst some of the supermarket dairy-free chocolate offerings taste all right, their packaging can be a bit dull and I haven’t found much beyond just straight chocolate.

Moo Free dairy-free Easter eggs are also gluten and soya free – so perfect for Katie, and aside from ‘Original’ which is simply chocolate, comes in ‘Bunnycomb’ and Orange. Katie is a fan of both so that gives us some options for Easter.

KatieIsla Personalised ceramic trinket box, 8.00

trinket box

These trinket boxes can be filled with ‘normal’ chocolate or a dairy-free option – so perfect for an alternative gift. I have previously written about my appreciation for Gayle’s ceramic eggs  and these are equally beautiful – but perhaps even more practical. Obviously, they could be refilled year after year with other dairy-free options or even non-edible treats (like this necklace from Bunny-Hop).

Buddy and bear ‘Bunny’ – Egg Cup, 5.00

Easter alternative

If Katie had to choose between a chocolate egg and a hen’s egg, I’m pretty sure the chocolate would win (she’s three) but hen’s eggs come a close second. Whilst she’s more partial to scrambled egg than anything else – boiled egg and soldiers is good for breakfast/lunch/dinner in her world. Just by drawing ears on to the egg this cup is catapulted into genius.

Sarah and Bendrix Wooden Pull-Along Bunny, 12.00

Easter alt bunny

I see no real reason why Easter gifts have to be edible and think this pull-along would make for a more sustainable and lasting gift. Each Sarah and Bendrix toy comes in it’s own little canvas bag with a little card that says: “You can name me and take me on all your adventures. When you grow up, pass me on to other children, so I can recount all our tales.”  I think it’s a beautiful sentiment and an laudable aim.

John Lewis Girls’ Bunny Briefs, 7.00 – 8.00

Easter alt pants

Finally, pants. For some undisclosed reason my Mom decided to buy everyone underwear for Easter. It seems very random, but the year she decided not to give the gift of pants resulted in no small amount of outrage. New life, new undies?

I can’t really find the logic but it has been fun trying to find Spring-like underwear for the kids. It’s proving trickier for the boys (dinosaurs come from eggs right?) but there’s an amazing selection for girls available.

Do you have any allergies in your family? How do you work around them? I’d love to hear any Easter gift ideas you have over on my Facebook page.


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