Design: Smiggle

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Smiggle before our visit, but given I’m not one to turn down an opportunity – last Saturday I found myself with Ben and Katie, ready to explore the newest stationary shop to hit Princes Street.

Following our visit, I can thoroughly understand the catchline ‘Smiggle – where a smile meets a giggle!’ Read More »Design: Smiggle

Conversations with Katie (aged 3)

I am feeling incredibly blessed to be having time away from work, not only to look after Thomas but to be able to see Katie grow too. I’m very conscious that both of the kids will have to be in full-time childcare and that I will miss so much. I’m just trying to soak up every minute that I can and not be too sad at what I will be missing in the future.

Katie is a little chatterbox and I love the snippets that she comes out with. I often have no idea where her imagination has picked them up from but there’s certainly variety. Here are a few of my favourites from the past few weeks that I don’t want to forget:Read More »Conversations with Katie (aged 3)