Edinburgh Days Out with ScotRail

Filling the days in the Summer Holidays is always a challenge. I want to make the most of everyday but sometimes it can be hard to think of what to do. Ultimately I know the kids would be happy to hang out at the park but that’s not exactly how I like to spend MY day!

So when ScotRail approached us to review their Edinburgh Days Out Travel Pass I leapt at the opportunity. The pass is £34 for a family pass (two adults and two kids) and offers two days of consecutive, unlimited, off peak travel to destinations around an hour outside of Edinburgh. There’s a Glasgow version for west-coasters as well – so there’s all kinds of adventures to be had…Read More »Edinburgh Days Out with ScotRail

Activities: Three Craft Ideas for Spring

Katie had surgery last Friday to fix an umbilical hernia she had been born with. The operation went really well and we were home by Friday afternoon.

Thankfully we had Ben for the evening, who was amazing at sitting with her – and has a MUCH higher threshold for Paw Patrol than me. But by Saturday she was insisting that ‘flying’ i.e. jumping from the coffee table was a good idea!

On Sunday thought that she would go camping.

Although this was obviously a great sign that she was healing, it caused me no end of worry that she would do herself harm! She’s still incredibly bruised and having regular doses of Calpol and Nurofen which seems to turn her into Superwoman. I just wish she was at an age of appreciating naps!

My usually smiley boy, decided to scream the street down on Friday night and by Saturday morning had reached banshee level. My appreciation for the NHS increased further still after getting an out of hours appointment an hour after calling NHS 24. Suspicions were confirmed and he’s now on antibiotics for a nasty inner ear infection – screaming quite understandable!

The last few days have involved a LOT of time at home indoors and I have had to work on getting Katie to take it slowly. After exhausting all patience with the offerings of Netflix and Disney, I turned to Pinterest and our small collection of craft books for some Spring craft ideas.Read More »Activities: Three Craft Ideas for Spring

Things to consider when scheduling children's activities

Parenting: Scheduling children’s activities

A question I often ponder is how much I should schedule Katie’s life -or indeed whether she is over scheduled! As I cajole her to get ready for one activity or another, I often wonder why I bother when she would rather stay home and watch CBeebies.

Last summer, as I embarked on maternity leave with Thomas, I realised aside from having a new brother, Katie’s biggest adjustment would be not having full time nursery care. As Mike and I work full-time, Katie had been in nursery five days a week, often from 8am until 5pm. Aside from having a whole heap of children to play with, this also meant that she was used to a lot of organised activity.

Super-Mum I am not. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to match the speed at which Katie had moved from activity to activity, nor did I have the ability to provide the same range. Aside from anything else – I don’t have soft play in my house!

But I also was faced with a big question. Is this much scheduled activity actually a good thing? It struck me that there’s some key things to consider:Read More »Parenting: Scheduling children’s activities