I’ve always enjoyed ‘What’s in my changing bag?’ type posts, in part because I’m nosey like that. But also because I worry that everyone else is carrying round things that I’m not – and probably should be!

I sometimes wonder if I should be carrying round a stash of medical equipment in my changing bag. Or at minimum a stock of plasters in case of bumps and scraps (real or imagined!). But then I always figure in Edinburgh, I’m never that far from a shop selling those things and if I’ve got a more adventurous day planned then they can always be added in.

Before I switched to using ‘real’ nappies, one of my (many) concerns had been how much more ‘stuff’ I would have to carry around in my changing bag. With two small children, I already seemed to be lugging about the house and the kitchen sink – and adding to this was not top of my list of priorities.

However, I needn’t have feared – although I have certainly altered how I deal with my changing bag – it’s not heavier, just a little more organised.

With Katie, I simply used a Longchamp ‘Le Pliage’ which was awesome for carrying a massive amount of stuff – but Mike did look a bit ridiculous carrying it around – which he did much more so once Thomas arrived. After hunting for a more gender neutral changing bag, we settled for the Storksak ‘Ashley’ in black. I’m so glad we opted for a proper changing bag this time around as it does hold much more than you’d think and the array of pockets makes it very easy to organise!

Key equipment

The key equipment is obviously everything I need for nappy changing! I use reusable baby wipes from ‘Cheeky Wipes’. These are already soaked in water with a few drops of Lavender and Chamomile essential oils – so can just be popped into the front pocket of my double wet bag. My favourite line from Cheeky Wipes is ‘just use one for a nice clean bum!’ – except in the case of total poonami, it really does ring true. Even so, I usually only ever take 8-9 wipes if I’m out for a full day.

The number of nappies I pack obviously varies according to how long I plan to be out, but I always have a minimum of two. This is the biggest difference between reusable and disposable nappies in my mind. I used to start with a stash of at least six in my bag, that then let them run down before I realised I was on to my last! That really isn’t possible with the bulk of reusables, but the solution has just been to sort my bag out at the end of the day. This is necessary anyway as obviously, I can’t just chuck the nappies in a bin wherever I am!

The used nappies fit easily into my double wet bag – which can store four nappies plus any mucky bibs etc. Obviously, as I’m only ever exchanging a clean nappy for a dirty one – there’s always room in the changing bag to carry this. I don’t know whether any ‘stink’ is contained by the wet bag or the way the nappies are folded  – but thus far, I haven’t noticed a problem with carrying round the dirty nappies. Maybe they just smell less with a lack of chemicals? Does anyone know the answer to this one?

I use the mat that came with the changing bag which folds down to be pretty compact – but it isn’t shown in the photo as I didn’t think it was particularly photogenic!

My obsession with Burt’s Bees products extends to their bum cream – it’s infused with Sweet Almond, and Lavender Oil which means it smells pretty divine.

Useful additions

I’ve found the containment of reusable nappies to be much better than disposables; which renders outfit changes due to leaks unusual. Unfortunately Thomas is still likely to dribble and spit up. So it’s always a good idea to have spare changes of clothes. A spare change for Katie is also handy in case of spilt drinks etc. along with my top tip: clean socks for everyone in case of a unplanned trip to soft play!

A question I’m frequently asked is whether I have to dress Thomas differently due to the bulk of his nappy. On the whole, I don’t. That said, there are some brands that are decidedly slimmer than others and Thomas isn’t that small to begin with. The most useful thing I’ve found is vest extenders – if the nappy is compressed too much it can be prone to leak and obviously, vests have to go round a little more nappy. I don’t like to size up because this can mean sleeves are very long or the body broad – vest extenders solves this – and would generally just be a good idea for long babies too!


Finally, I like to keep a few extras in my changing bag that I could live without…but it’s nice to have them. All of these items can be improvised in different ways but it’s just a lot simpler to have them along!

I still think the Giraffe teether sounds more like a dog’s toy but it’s rare to see an Edinburgh baby without one and it seems to do it’s job!

23 thoughts on “What’s in my Changing Bag?”

  1. I’ve heard of reusable wet-wipes, but have never really seen them around, or maybe I just don’t look enough? I do love these whats-in-your-changing-bag or just bag-posts. It’s like snooping around in your girlfriend’s bag, isn’t it? Btw, also love the change of outfits of your little one. Do love stripes 🙂

    1. Stripes are the best! But maybe that’s because I like wearing them too 😀

      I love the reusable wet wipes and also have a box in our kitchen now of ones that are ‘minky’- super soft ones for cleaning up after meal times. I wouldn’t go back!

    1. I was a bit annoyed by the shadows in these flat lays! But honestly? Natural light from the biggest window I have, on a big of A1 white card, DSLR, standing up high to try and get directly over the objects (without casting a shadow) – then trying to get the background as white as possible by playing about with levels a little in apple photos. I’m still experimenting. Check my Instagram out to see some more flat lays I’ve been working on!

    1. My husband never complained – I was the one who thought it looked a bit daft. Ben (my step-son) often offers to carry the bag (which is lovely) but I didn’t really want to ruin his street red by lugging round a red longchamp!

  2. I love the bag – not that there’s anything wrong with a changing bag that looks like one, but yours could be used for anything. Interesting to read about how reliable the reusable nappies are – I only ever used disposable with mine 🙂

    1. As long as the fit is right I’ve found them to be very good in comparison. I’ve had far less outfit changes that I used to. The best difference for me has been on Thomas’ skin though. I put him in a disposable the other week at a friends house and it looked like he had been burnt round his legs. He obviously just has some kind of sensitivity to something in them!

  3. I had all 3 kids with me today and managed to cram in something for each of them. My husband had to crack up when I produced a block of goats cheese though! We were out to lunch at a friends house and I had been worried that there would be too much that Katie couldn’t eat (no cow’s protein being one of her allergies)!

  4. It’s not the cheapest one (but not the worst either) and I bulk buy when I spot it on sale. It was amazing for when Katie used to get nappy rash and seems to keep it at bay for Thomas. Sophie the Giraffe is amazing but I know people have lost it’s squeak by putting it through the dishwasher etc. I’m wondering if I should do that for my sanity! xx

  5. Ahhh the changing bag, I have not had to use one of these for over 12 months yet in May it will become my necessity again – must start checking these sorts of posts out. I have never heard of vest extenders they should like a a great idea!! Thanks for the tip 🙂

    1. Definitely look up what’s available locally if you’re tempted – nothing to lose from a trial run! Disposable nappies are more convenient in some circumstances but reusable wipes are actually much easier to use and best of all – no struggle to get them out of the packet!

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