If asked to describe a typical baby boy’s wardrobe I’m not sure leggings would feature that highly. Although adult males obviously wear similar styles in the form of tight fitting jeans or more obviously, running tights, when it comes to children’s wear they seem to firmly in the ‘girl’ camp.

I generally favour gender neutral clothing but I don’t think it would’ve occurred to me to dress a boy in leggings. Probably because I wouldn’t have considered them neutral but rather more feminine – that is until I received an awesome pair of Blade & Rose leggings from my friend Megan!

I really enjoy dressing Thomas and have a number of items in his wardrobe that I love but these are hands down my new favourite. Today I give you my top three reasons for dressing your baby – boy or girl – in Blade & Rose leggings:

Blade and Rose leggings - a review by Edinburgh Life with kids

1. Design

Whilst they don’t necessarily fit with my monochrome obsession – the designs are such that I am happy to dwell in the land of colour. There is a wide variety of colours and patterns available but all are distinctive by the inclusion of something on the bum – Thomas has three pairs so his bottom is either adorned with a fire engine, rocket ship or space alien! These often draw comments from strangers and usually cause people to smile – never a bad thing!

Whilst some designs are definitely more gender specific there are a whole host that fall into the gender neutral camp. I had two pairs ‘handed down’ to Katie that are ready to pass on to a friend – even after thorough use by two children there are no loose threads, the elastic has held and the colours are still bright. Not much to complain about there.

2. Wear

Dressing a baby is not easy at the best of times – especially once they have learnt to roll and enjoy twisting from side to side on the changing mat! With these there’s no wiggling to get them on and up because they have a really nice amount of stretch to them.

As Thomas is in reusable nappies anything that fits nicely over them is a plus in my book. Whilst they certainly wouldn’t be baggy over a disposable nappy the ability to cover a big fluffy bum is a definite plus. Clothing lines that I loved for Katie often don’t work for Thomas who is much broader and longer than she ever was. With the added factor of his real nappy finding something that fits as well as these feels like an achievement!

3. Warmth

The weather has been howling recently – even when it stops raining for five minutes the temperatures are often hovering around freezing anyway. It’s certainly not the time for baggy trousers or anything that allows for drafts! I had got into the habit of putting dungarees over the top of baby grows for extra warmth but these remove the need for that.

They’re actually made from a mix of combed cotton, nylon and spandex but feel like they’ve been knitted and are much thicker than typical cotton leggings. In short, they actually feel cosy and that you’re putting a decent layer on. Whilst obviously you should always be cautious of overheating – that really isn’t a problem in Edinburgh right now.

4. Cost

Finally, that last thing that has impressed me is cost – retailing at £10 these leggings may not strike you as particularly cheap but I do believe that you get what you pay for. I also like to bear in mind that if more than one child gets to wear them it’s even better value.

Even if you don’t have someone to pass them on to there’s a good market on eBay or in various selling groups on Facebook. If you can get money back on top of getting a decent article of clothing that’s got to be a good thing.

That said, I know that we have bags of clothes in the attic that I could be washing and ironing in a attempt to make more money… But sometimes there are better things to do in the day – like enjoying dressing Thomas in cool outfits and proudly parading him in front of his adoring fans!

What do you think? What’s the one item of clothing that you’re happy to see when it’s back out of the wash?

13 thoughts on “Style: Boy Leggings”

  1. Leggings are essential especially when you have a girl. As for little boys, why not, especially as a baby, as you’ve already mentioned on your post. And they do have so many styles today that both a girl/boy can wear like stripes, stars and even the latest cartoon characters. I’ve just seen Minion ones, all for fun 😉 x

    1. You would think but I’ve had a fair few comments about them that aren’t all that positive – one Mum had bought some for her son but her husband protested against them as he considered them ‘girls clothing’. In my mind they’re great! xx

  2. My son had some legging type trousers when he was little, they do have boy versions too. I always thought they seemed so comfy for them! I hate it when people put newborns in jeans

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