Time can be a funny thing sometimes. In some ways it feels like November has simply flown by, but when looking back an awful lot has happened. It’s like Halloween was both yesterday and a life time ago. Although I’m definitely going to yesterday given that there’s still jack-o’-lanterns sitting in my garden! I’m aware at how quickly the kids are changing and wanted to take some time to just reflect on what’s been happing. Hence, I give you November in Retrospect:


The start of the month was pretty non-descript but more marked by Thomas being poorly. The hospital never did get to the bottom of what was going on with him, but his skin is mostly recovered and he seems to have bounced back. Having a couple of days off work to ensure his recovery wasn’t the end of the world. In fact, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been missed by many!

Edinburgh has quickly changed from being aglow with Autumn leaves to being a bit damp and bare. A lot of trees have shed their leaves completely leaving a much bleaker landscape. I loved those few weeks of warm light and the amber hues on the trees that marked our various routes round the city. There’s a few trees hanging in there but it is noticeably greyer now.


Cold weather and dark days also create more of a need for comfort food in my book. Peter’s Yard has long been a personal favourite of mind – particularly for their cardamom buns! I had to work a couple of weekends in November, but fortunately enough it was in close proximity to Peter’s Yard. I drank way too much coffee, and ate far too many baked goods but it tasted so good. It was well worth the hours in the gym needed to work it all off!

We still like to avoid meat during the week and rely on a lot of Deliciously Ella recipes still. I had got a bit fed up of buying veg from supermarkets that seemed to spoil quickly, so opted to subscribe to a delivery scheme. Boxes of amazing seasonal food has continued to arrive this month and I’ve been looking forward to seeing what’s arrived each week.

I posted my method for Iced Biscuits a few weeks ago – and it’s on the agenda again for this week. Despite forgetting to add any sugar, everyone I fed these too seemed happy enough to eat them and didn’t comment on them not being sweet enough. I asked people their opinion on giving these as a present and all seemed in favour, so I’ve decided I’ll just go for it!

Mike has been busy working on lots of new artwork and I’ve managed to get his website back up. It still needs updated with new work but it at least feels like we’re doing something that’s not just daily routine. I really like this boat series that he’s working on – each piece is carved into plaster and I love the simplicity of them.


Thomas had two WONDERFUL nights where he actually slept through. After the first night, I felt really disorientated at actually having sleep. The second night felt amazing. The third night? Was hell on earth. He’s gone back to waking every couple of hours and only wanting me. Coffee has been beyond necessary.

Last week I wrote about Bon Tot House party last week and the cool things I grabbed for the kids. Katie really doesn’t like wearing jeans but the weather really has been a bit too cold for leggings. In this picture she’s wearing her new ‘Cracked Ice Pants’ by Jax & Hedley. It feels like they’re lined in fleece so are super soft and feel much cosier for the winter ahead. They’re sold out in her size in other patterns but I’ll definitely be on them coming back in stock. Kate’s wanted to wear them every day this week – knowing how picky she is this is high praise indeed!


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