On the one hand, I can’t believe that March is upon us already. Whereas on the other, February just seems to have gone on forever.

It’s been a fun month though and has some obvious highlights. Thomas and I flew South for half term to visit one of my oldest friends (and her lovely husband) and most importantly – my new godson! He was awesome and I was entirely honoured to take him for a walk in his sling.

It had been so long since I had been able to use a fabric sling with Thomas, that I’m now painfully aware of how Thomas is probably now best described as a toddler rather than a baby!

At just under three months, godson still has that perfect baby smell and caused all kinds of excitement trying to sit up. It was lovely to see Thomas interacting with him and I can’t wait to go back for another visit!

I love my friends dearly and really wished we lived a bit closer – and that British Airways would do lots of cheap and direct flights to Norwich!


Following a recommendation from Instagram, I’ve been reading a few blogging type books this month but my favourite has been ‘How to Style your Brand’ by Fiona Humberstone.

Aside from having really easy to follow, bite-sized chapters; the images in the book have been so inspirational.

I’ve started another course by Aby, over at You Baby Me Mummy – I’m horribly behind where I should be. Partly because of time demands this month, but mostly because there’s been so much to get my head round.

I’ve spent a long time thinking about the concept of brand and what I really want ‘Edinburgh with Kids’ to be. My initial thought was that Edinburgh with Kids really means lots of brunch. Which is just as well given my love of Cafe Milk (visited with Anna Moffat this month) and of course, the waffles from The Pantry!

Waffles, The Pantry, Edinburgh with Kids



If I’m being honest, I’ve watched an awful lot of episodes of Thomas the Tank Engine. But in terms of what I’ve really been enjoying? ‘Who do you think you are?’ has had some cracking episodes!

I absolutely adored the episode with Ian McKellen – his story was just captivating and of course, his personality really made the program so compelling to watch.


How to make a lavender fox pillow, Edinburgh with Kids

Katie and I had a wonderful afternoon crafting these wee fox pillows. Stuffed with lavender and given hanging loops, they are now features of our various wardrobes – and hopefully will help ward off any moths!

How to make a lavender fox pillow, Edinburgh with Kids

I think they turned out pretty well given our usual Painteresque attempts and anything fox themed is a winner with Katie. She’s delighted today as her new toothbrush at school is orange with a FOX!


We were really delighted that Thomas was selected to be one of the Tickle Tots Brand Reps for Spring! So I can dedicate this section entirely to him as he’s totally been rocking his new nappies.

He’s been taking his testing role to whole new limits and has taken every possible opportunity to climb high.

We’ve had to learn that nothing is safe when he is around and that he can move with alarming speed. Whilst I know that climbing is a play schema and that he may well get over it – if anyone has any ideas of how to channel this urge or even encourage him to new games – PLEASE let me know!


I’ve recently rediscovered my love of The Mortified Podcast. The premise of the show is that people read their teenage diaries in front of a live audience.

The shows are only about 20 minutes long – which is perfect for my commute in the mornings. And with very few exceptions – I find myself laughing out loud. It’s a wonderful way to start the morning.

and lastly

I’m really excited to have been appointed the Local Bubele Editor for Edinburgh. This means that every other week I produce a newsletter of ‘must-attend’ events in Edinburgh. Whilst I’m aware there’s big directories of ‘what’s on’ – I think this is pretty cool as it does all the hard work for you and arrives straight to your inbox.


I try to find a selection to suit a variety of ages but also try to find the more unusual events that you may not see advertised elsewhere!

You can sign up here or there’s also a box in my sidebar.

Whilst I’m aware that #LittleLoves is meant to be a weekly round up – I like the format so I’m stealing it for my month in review! If I can find the time, then I’ll try and bash out some posts more often!

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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