Recently I’ve been feeling a bit restless. I don’t really have a clear goal in mind right now and I feel like I’ve just been drifting a little. I’m certainly have lots of things to do and I’ve far from not busy… but I just feel like I’m missing something.

It may be that I have too much on but I just can’t seem to settle down to do something. I’ll go for a run and think – ‘Wow, this was just what I needed, I’ll do it again tomorrow! – but then tomorrow comes and I don’t really want to move. I’m tired and lethargic.

Looking at my diary I’m trying to work out just fit everything in. My next ‘free’ weekend is some time in August and my to do list just feels unreal. Yet all I want to do right now is to nap! Do you ever feel like that? Like you’re running but have no idea what you’re running for?

I don’t know whether I need a holiday or how I’m meant to reset through all of this. I suspect I need to ‘just do it’. To work through the list. To get through the events. And probably eat less biscuits in the process.

For now, I’m focusing on the holidays that are somewhere ahead. Sneaking off to the allotment when I can and watching my plants progress. Doesn’t seem much wrong with that!

So today I thought I’d share this illustration from the beautiful Alison Soye – perhaps something to help us all focus on possible adventures ahead and to help escape from the mundane in the meantime!

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