Last March, I wrote about my intentions for re-vamping our hallway. Over the years we had completely neglected it as a space, and it had slowly filled with clutter.

I wanted to have a space that was more welcoming and give a better first impression for guests. As a room that visitors are guaranteed to see, it made sense that is should get some attention.

It’s actually been ‘re-vamped’ for several months now. I would love to say that was under our own steam but I finally caved and hired a decorator. N.B. Any Edinburgh people looking for a painter decorator – I can thoroughly recommend Billy of Cedar Décor!

Clearing everything out for the hall to be painted was actually a really useful exercise. I had always found the hallway a bit chaotic. After moving the bookshelf out I realised that I didn’t miss it one iota! It also has meant that there’s much more room for the buggy and necessary baby paraphernalia.

I mentioned Marie Kondo in my last post, and her book the Magic of Tidying. I remain utterly sold on her philosophy and regularly find myself asking if objects ‘bring us joy.’ For that reason, we have fair less than before and have a bit more space. Admittedly, we probably still have far too much – but I at least have space for what we do have!


I really wasn’t a fan of our old drawer unit and accompanying lamp. I’ve failed to find a table but am really happy with this little unit I found in a 2nd hand store for £10. It provides space for keys etc. and just looks a bit nicer in my mind. I updated the lamp with a new shade from Etsy, that also provides a nice pop of colour!

Coat space was a big problem in our previous hallway with too many coats on the hooks by our door. This has largely been alleviated by turning the cupboard in our downstairs bathroom into a cloakroom. I still don’t love the look of coats hanging but it is kind of the point of having hooks!


To store the sheets and towels evicted from the downstairs bathroom we decided to adapt the boiler cupboard. We still need access to the boiler, but that was easily achieved by putting in removable shelves. After clearing out the excess sheets and towels there is plenty of room; with the added bonus of having space for boxes of ‘hand me downs’ ready for the younger kids.

If I had any doubts about painting the walls dark grey, they were shattered when I saw how bright the rooms going off the hallway were in contrast. I figure that a hall isn’t somewhere you linger and it’s nice that rooms look bright and welcoming.

Finally, I am also delighted with our shoe storage. Although many of our shoes are houses in the hall cupboard still – and in need of a clear out! – it’s nice to have some accessible to the kids. By painting the shelves the same colour as the walls they are not incongruous; and make good use of an odd little space!


In future, I’d still love to replace the stair carpet but for now – I’m much happier with the overall look. What do you think? Have you ever painted rooms a really dark colour? I’d love to hear what you think!

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