Like many others the world over the end of the year brings a natural time of reflection – What has the last year brought? What do we want from the year ahead?

Much of my 2015 has blurred into endless months of work and exhaustion – obviously completely surpassed by the joy that Thomas has brought into our lives. I hope that when I think back to the time in years to come, my abiding memories won’t be relating to anything other than my family and specifically, the kids. Whilst they may be noisy, excitable, at times uncontrollable – I’m in not hurry to quash their spirit!

I haven’t been on Instagram all that long so my #2015bestnine would be better summed up as 2015Autumnbestnine but I think that it’s a good reflection of ‘Edinburgh Life with kids’ thus far – half relating to Edinburgh and half kid related. I guess the title of the blog is pretty accurate:



I still have a couple of days to fine tune my resolutions but obviously, I’ve been wondering what I want my blog to look like – should I go self-hosted? Should I include more or less about places we like in Edinburgh? Should I write as often?

I realise that I have a lot of ‘should’ questions but certainly don’t have the answers yet. My only plan is to continue to enjoy the holidays and look forward to spending time with visiting family and friends. You never know – they might help me find some answers! If you’ve got time – please let me know what you think! Anything you want to see more or less of?!

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