Hello, art explorers! If you’re pondering a family day out in Edinburgh, make sure to pencil in a visit to the Edinburgh Portrait Gallery. Believe it or not – it’s not just for grown-ups. This gallery is one of our favourites, read on to find our top tips for keeping the kids entertained whilst you can still maintain you’re still ‘cultured’ even if a bag crammed with wet wipes…

Portrait Puzzles: Challenge your little ones to find specific features in the portraits. Can they spot the person with the fanciest hat or the biggest smile?

Imagination Station: Bring along some sketchbooks and encourage your mini artists to create their own portraits inspired by what they see.

Guess who: No cheating – don’t look at who the portrait is – but see who has the best guess of who or what they could be. Doctor, politician, rockstar?!

Historical Hide and Seek: Turn it into a game of “I Spy.” Ask them to find portraits from different eras or with specific colors.

Storytelling Extravaganza: Have a storytelling session where the kids imagine the stories behind the portraits. What adventures did these people have?

A selection of three photos. The left hand side is a bench in the main gallery. The second is a photograph in an archway. The third is taken from the balcony in the main hall of the portrait gallery.

Tips for a Portrait Gallery Day Out:

1. **Snack Attack:** Pack some light snacks and water. A little sustenance can go a long way in keeping energy levels up. The cafe is nice but often busy and loud – we often prefer to back up to Princes Street Gardens for a snack.

2. **Creative Kit:** Bring along sketchbooks, colored pencils, and a few small toys to keep little hands busy and creative juices flowing.

3. **Play the Guide:** Encourage your kids to be the tour guide for a while. They can pick their favorite portrait and tell you all about it.

4. **Quiet Time:** Head to the main gallery and take a moment to spy on the people below. Imagine what brought them to the gallery today.

Visiting the Edinburgh Portrait Gallery with the kids isn’t just a cultural outing – it’s a chance for them to explore, learn, and let their creativity run wild. With a few engaging activities and a sprinkle of imagination, you’ll create memories that will last a lifetime. So, gather your young art enthusiasts and embark on a portrait-filled adventure in Edinburgh! 🖼️👨‍🎨👩‍🎨

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