Statistics on the number of discarded coffee cups are scary (we consume a LOT of caffeine!) and images of mountains of plastic in our oceans are even scarier. Carrying a reusable cup is only a teeny part of a much wider effort needed to tackle waste; but it’s a start. I recently bought a Climate Cup (other reusable cups are available) and here’s why I love it:

1. To state the obvious: it’s environmentally friendly.

We are all aware of the scourge of single use plastics and most of us are trying to do our bit to curb the damage inflicted on our planet by modern culture, in which seemingly everything is disposable. Bringing my own cup is the least I can do. Small steps. Use of disposable plastic carrier bags has plummeted since the 5p charge was introduced in 2014 and plastic straws are disappearing before our very eyes. Disposable coffee cups are next to go so get ahead of the game.

2. Cut-price coffee.

Almost all coffee shops now offer a discount for bringing a re-useable cup. Pret offers a whopping (it’s all relative) 50p saving but 25p off seems to be the going rate for places where coffee isn’t quite so over-priced in the first place. Better still, head to your nearest Social Bite cafe. Get 25p off and join the generous loyalty card scheme*. It comes with a warm, fuzzy feeling from making a contribution to a good cause simply by purchasing good coffee from good people. The ultimate way to relieve any guilt associated with spending money on a “cafe coffee”.

3. It’s really obviously your drink.

No need for your order to be bellowed out across the coffee shop; avoid confusion by having the most stylish cup on the counter. Full disclosure: this won’t work in Starbucks. The barista will still insist you give your name and will inevitably spell and/or pronounce it wrongly. Perhaps try a fake name. Or, you know, go to Social Bite where staff know all the regulars by name anyway.

4. It’s compact.

Handbag space at a premium? Climate Cup packs down super small so it can accompany you anywhere (squeezing in beside all those old receipts and used tissues…).

Using (and re-using and re-using) a reuseable coffee cup isn’t going to save the world but these small shifts all count for something. And the money saved can go towards your purchase of a bamboo toothbrush…

*every 5th coffee is free (choose to either drink it or donate it) and after 10 coffees, a homeless person gets a lovely hot meal for free.

I have no affiliation with Climate Cup. I ordered one prompted by a Facebook friend’s “subtle” hint and I love it (for all the reasons described above) so thought I would share the love coffee love!

4 Good Reasons To Carry A Climate Cup | Reusable coffee cups are becoming more common, but why should you carry one? There are not only environmental benefits to carrying a reusable cup, but there are financial benefits for you too in the long run. Little steps will save money and the world too. It's not quite plastic free living, but it will reduce your overall plastic use which is a step in the right direction

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