On the one hand, I can’t believe that March is upon us already. Whereas on the other, February just seems to have gone on forever. It’s been a fun month though and has some obvious highlights. Thomas and I flew South for half term to visit one of my oldest friends (and her lovely husband) and most importantly – my new godson! He was awesome and I was entirely honoured to take him for a walk in his sling. It had been so long since I had been able to use a fabric sling with Thomas, that I’m now painfully… View Post

If you’re looking for an activity to entertain the kids, the National Museum of Flight should not be ruled out. Granted, it may attract a number of plane spotter types but it actually is a great day out and the kids love it. Occupying an old air field, numerous hangers provide hours of entertainment. The kids have space to run and there is little fear of them ‘touching’ things. Our last visit began in the civil aviation hanger, which is full of planes for the kids to gaze upon. Whilst they can’t climb over the planes, there is nothing to… View Post

With our ever growing love and envy of Nordic countries, very few of you will have missed the BBC article on ‘Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes.’ I remember reading at the time thinking it was an awesome idea and searching to see if I could buy something similar when I was expecting Thomas. In case you’ve somehow missed out on the news cycle, the idea is simple. In Finland, each expectant Mother is given a box by the Government. It contains all of the basics that they would need for the baby, and the box can be used… View Post

The benefits of Lavender are well documented so I’ve been keen to make use of the abundance of lavender we have in the garden. Decorative Lavender Pillows are always nice so I thought I would put together a tutorial (of sorts) to show how to make them. Whilst there may be more professional versions out there, I think this is a great craft you can achieve with your kids. We have two Lavender plants by our front door that smell divine when in bloom, but quickly become unruly. Way back in November, I got Ben to cut the stems back and… View Post

This week I FINALLY got round to visiting the Royal Yacht Britannia and actually had the nicest time with Katie. Despite hearing about it from my Mum, I had never fully appreciated how much there was to see and do. I had wrongly assumed it would be like a museum and not that suitable for young children. But it actually made for a brilliant day out. We started off being greeted by an incredibly welcoming guide. He took lots of time to chat to Katie (and encouraged her to put her coat back on!). Katie was instantly beaming at the extra attention… View Post