Kickstarting a running regime can be hard. I always imagine myself pounding along with not a care in the world. In reality I’m a bit of a sweaty mess struggling to breathe. At one point in time, I really did think that I just couldn’t run. It seemed much easier for everyone else and I just resigned myself to swimming. That was obviously the wrong mindset as I’ve since completed two half marathons. The realisation was that I wasn’t going to be running anywhere quickly and just needed to take things at my own pace. I did however find a number… View Post

I never thought I would be writing an article about using ‘Real Nappies.’ Let alone, a ‘Year in Real Nappies!’ But here we are – a fully cloth household. It turns out that miracles really do happen. When Thomas was a few months old we took part in our local Real Nappy Trial. His skin had reacted badly to the popular brands of reusable nappies and we certainly liked the idea of saving money! I never thought I’d become a Real Nappy Evangelist obsessing over nappy designs… but I fear I’m slowly losing my resolve.

Today I’ve got a great guest post today by the fabulous Liv Seaton. I know that I definitely share her rush to get ready in the morning and have already utilised some of her tips in my own routine. For those non-morning people, I’m hoping that you can similarly find some inspiration… I have a confession to make – I’m a massive over-sleeper. Every morning is a struggle to get to work on time for 9am (which is literally 15 seconds from my home), while looking like a member of the human race rather than a pale, puffy zombie. In the… View Post

In the summer, I’m great at salads. With the warmer weather, it’s natural to opt for lighter goods. Every mealtime I have an urge to include tomato, fresh basil, and mozzarella. The days are long and the wine is white. When winter arrives. all I want to cook is stew. Or big meaty dishes designed to banish the cold. It’s a time for comfort food and warmth. The problem is – plates of pasta, riches sauces, and root vegetables quickly become stodgy. I end up lacking energy and just feeling heavy. It becomes far too tempting to just put my… View Post

Socrates was a classical philosopher, born around 470 BC, in Athens Greece. Although he is credited as one of the founders of Western Philosophy, nothing written by him actually remains extant. As a result, we largely know of his ideas from the writings of his pupil – Plato. His dialogues are thought of as one of the most reliable sources about Socrates’ life and philosophy. We have no way of knowing whether they’re accurate or not, but Socrates still gets credited with a lot of cool ideas. Socrates believed that everyone has the ability to construct well thought out opinions.… View Post