If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I took part in Little Paper Swan’s #autumnhashtagchallenge. I really liked having a bit more of a direction to follow with my photos, and it was equally lovely to see how other people interpreted the theme. As a new hashtag – with people taking part each day – it also meant that I could find the same people each day. I find that Instagram can move so fast sometimes, so although I comment on people’s images and like – it’s usually only the ones at the top of my feed. By taking part in this new community, I’ve found some amazing accounts – and more importantly, I can find them again!

I’m delighted that I wasn’t the only one to message Cathryn, asking if she would continue the challenge. And I’m delighted that a Christmas one will be starting on the 13th December. But she’s actually gone one better than that and created #theweeklyhashtagchallenge inviting me to co-host!

The ‘rules are really straight forward. Each Wednesday a new prompt will go live and you have a week to create (and post) an image on that theme. So no rushing to get the last of the natural light, you have 7 days to get something you’re happy with – or even 7 days to interpret the image in 7 different ways! That’s the joy, I saw so many images on the themes set out in the Autumn Challenge and no two were really alike. It was such an awesome celebration of creativity – and really contained some beautiful photography!

Just add the hashtag #theweeklyhashtagchallenge and tag Cathryn @littlepaperswan and I @edinburghwithkids in your image or in the comments, just so we don’t miss any.

If you don’t have the time to take part one week that’s absolutely cool. It would just be lovely to see people taking part, commenting, being genuine by engaging with others who also like to create. None of this follow/unfollow malarky! Please do re-post and share the image and this post to get the word out – we’d really like lots of lovely people to join in again!

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