Last week I reflected on the difficulties I have of finding a concrete style and my resulting haphazard wardrobe. This made me think of some of the times I really wished I had more fashion sense and how I would approach similar situations in the future. Back in May, I was invited to attend an information evening at my daughter’s pre-school. Assuming that this would be pretty informal I went straight there from a work event in Stirling. I hadn’t had to wear ‘work’ clothes so I was dressed pretty casually in some old faded cropped trousers and a top borrowed from… View Post

I love to put rooms together and can spend weeks deliberating over paint colours; the problem I have is time. It actually takes a lot of time to put a room together, and any parent knows that time is always in short supply. Some rooms take time to evolve into their use, and it can take time to find furniture and more likely, accessories that go with everything else. The problem I have with things taking time is that I get distracted by other tasks and fail to ever finish the thing I originally started. Then as the months or even years… View Post

This week I had my first training session with Susan of streamline personal training, so as promised, here is the news: I had been a bit apprehensive because I knew that the session was partially aimed at assessing my current level of fitness and I knew it would likely be a long way off what it had been pre-pregnancy! However, Susan was great at reminding me throughout the session that the body does ‘remember’ and if it has been possible before then it will be again. So with that in mind, it was interesting to see what I could do… View Post

We have been having some beautiful Autumn weather in Edinburgh recently. Although there has been a definite chill in the air it has been accompanied by bright sunshine and the air is lovely and crisp. I had all three children with me today so spent some time playing outside to make the most of the good weather but also had a fair amount of menial chores to get done such as food shopping. When I can, I like avoid the supermarkets as think it’s more fun to go to local shops – they usually have nice displays and the staff are often… View Post

The National Museum is a great place to entertain the kids, especially on a cold day. It’s not that easy to find activities that suit both Katie and Ben but I find this a great standby. It’s a vast place and there always seems to be something new to discover: today was no exception. For some in Edinburgh the half-term holidays have just begun and for others it’s just ending so there was a selection of ‘free’ activities on to suit school age children. We were greeted by a guide on our arrival who was there specifically to direct families to the… View Post