Vicki is not only the genius behind the blog Tippy Tupps, but also somehow finds the time to be a creative mastermind too. She has a beautiful selection of products available under her label ‘Bear Wear’ that are just divine. I wasn’t at all surprised to find that she is a self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Vintage’ and that she can effortlessly carry off this title with style. Here, we chat about her approach beauty and why exactly she planned her wedding in a mere 48 hours…

Last month, I had a rare night-out with some of my closest friends at The Pantry, Colinton. As an addition to their already popular Stockbridge branch, the Pantry’s step across to Colinton is certainly a welcome one. Not only are they spreading brunch joy across the city but they’re now offering an impressive evening menu. It provided an ideal setting for a long over-due catch up with my friends as well.

As a teacher of Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies it has come as no surprise that A LOT of people have wanted to ask about Islam recently. Although I’m a Christian myself, it is a subject that I’ve studied for a long time and taught to a lot of people. So I know a fair bit about it. But RMPS obviously isn’t all about religion. In fact the topics that fill my classroom are wide and varied – in one lesson we may be talking about the arms trade and in another feminism. So, it’s also no surprise that many… View Post

I’m a reluctant crafter at the best of times. I can cope with colouring in and enjoy doodling, but my heart sinks when Katie wants to paint. So when I do ‘craft’ I either a) rely on kits like this one from Milage and Pheebs, or b) attempt Pinteresque magic and hope for the best. Katie has recently been learning more about insects at nursery and has become very keen on bug hunting. Her lovely Grandma equipped her with a guide book and bug hunting kit. And she was even lucky enough to head to Holyrood Palace to meet entomologist… View Post

I can’t believe that we’re already into the start of June – but despite the recent wet weather – that does mean that the summer holidays are right around the corner. With that in mind, I’ve been giving a lot of thought as to how I’m going to occupy the kids over those seven weeks! We’re lucky in Edinburgh that the Fringe brings all kinds of entertainment. I’m looking forward to some great shows this year but it’s still a long way off. With that in mind – I’ve been learning about summer camps. Or specifically, Step It Up Dance… View Post