A Family Guide to Edinburgh

From the narrow wynds radiating from the Royal Mile, over to the spacious Georgian New Town, the mews properties tucked away in an unexpected corner, to the glass expanse of the Quartermile nestling alongside the Meadows… Edinburgh has something for everyone.

Whether you’ve lived here forever and are settled raising your family, or can only visit for the day – join us meandering through the city and beyond. Making the most of Edinburgh life.

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  • Review: A Bee Story
    It’s been a few years without being able to take my daughter to the kind of silly, acrobatic show we’ve always enjoyed together at Fringe. Seeing A Bee Story yesterday with her made me realise how much I missed the giggles and awe that a good circus performance can inspire.  Entering the theatre, our eyes were drawn immediately… Read More »Review: A Bee Story
  • Review: Arty’s Ani-Magination
    There’s something magical about sitting down at a children’s show at Fringe, not knowing exactly what you’re going to see, having only gathered a few hints from the poster and online description. Arty’s Ani-Magination was full of energy, enthusiasm and effective storytelling from the first scene.  The show begins with introducing us to two of the main characters:… Read More »Review: Arty’s Ani-Magination
  • Review: The Lion King, Edinburgh Playhouse
    The key question to emerge from from The Lion King at Edinburgh’s playhouse has to be – do you have a soul if you don’t cry?!From the moment the animals paraded to the stage, to the final moment Simba and Nala took to pride rock together – one couldn’t fail to feel emotional.  Being in any audience after… Read More »Review: The Lion King, Edinburgh Playhouse
  • Edinburgh International Children’s Festival returns!
    There’s that magical time in childhood – where make-believe can still be reality and they can be so totally consumed in a moment that everything else is gone. Great Children’s Theatre makes the most of that, and it’s one of the reasons I most look forward to the ‘Imaginate’ Festival – you know it’s going to be bursting… Read More »Edinburgh International Children’s Festival returns!
  • A Visit to Vogrie Park
    If you’re looking for a quick way to escape the city, Vogrie Country Park provides the opportunity to feel like you’re in remote countryside whilst only being 45 minutes or so from Edinburgh City Centre! It has 11.5 miles of paths taking you through woodlands and the Tyne Valley – and the arrival of Spring affords the perfect… Read More »A Visit to Vogrie Park
  • Rainy Day Activities in Midlothian
    The weather continues to be ‘variable’ this Spring, if frequent rain clouds disrupting the attempts at sun. Whilst we’ve been out braving the wet a fair amount on some days you really do just want to stay dry! Today was one of those days… This post is sponsored by Midlothian Tourist Forum but all thoughts, words, and images are our… Read More »Rainy Day Activities in Midlothian