So last weekend, we headed off to Thomas’ first swimming lesson with Puddle Ducks and it was an absolute blast…     Although I’ve taken Thomas swimming at my gym, he has not had the months of ‘baby’ swimming that Katie had. This isn’t even a 2nd child thing – I did take him for a term. It’s just he had two reactions – both totally extreme. He either clung on round my neck like a little limpet… or just fell asleep. That’s not to say I think he was comfortable in the water – I think he just wanted… View Post

Jade lives in the beautiful city of Ely with her husband, Ryan, two daughters, Kairi and Naminé; and mini poodle, Coco. As a self-proclaimed Disney fanatic, if I ever get the chance to visit – she’ll no doubt be the source of all my knowledge. Founder of the blog, Mummies Waiting, Jade is often the blogger I turn to for technical advice or actually just a listening ear! Ahead, she shares her laid back approach to style, and why twinning is totally winning…   What is your daily skincare routine? Erm, wipe of any make up if I remember. Does… View Post

Following my post on wallpaper for kid’s rooms a couple of people have asked about wall stickers. We utilised stickers in Katie and Thomas’ room partly because they are easy to change but also because they are budget friendly. Which of these is your favourite? 1. World Map / 2. Hot Air Balloons / 3. Birds and Birch Trees / 4. Penguins 5. Gold Polka Dots / 6. Clouds / 7. Geometric Birds / 8. Batman masks     P.S. In case there’s any doubt this isn’t a sponsored post. I love shopping on Easy because there’s so many amazing independent sellers – here’s… View Post

Like many children Scotland, I’m also going back to school this August. In fact, there’s not been a single year that I’ve not returned to an educational establishment since I was 4 years old. It’s funny but the feeling never really changes. I absolutely adore the summer holidays but there’s also something nice about returning to routine. I have a new planner and my pencil case is once again organised to start the year. But this year is different in that Katie is also starting school. She is now the 4 year-old with the long educational journey ahead of her.… View Post

I’m delighted to be featuring fellow Edinburgh blogger Nicola of @WeeSlice today. Nicola shares her fabulous Edinburgh life with her two kids – Lola & Lockie – and of course her other half ‘Big Slice.’ I got to know Nicola through her Instagram Stories primarily and then over cocktails. Whilst I love her Insta Stories, drinking more cocktails with her is definitely one of my life goals at present!  So get ready for AMAZING shoes and handbag confessions…