Have you started decorating your home for Christmas yet? We’re just getting started, and are loving discovering all of our old decorations again. However, getting the tree decorated is just one aspect of getting the house Christmas ready, so today, I’m delighted to share a post from wonderful (Edinburgh based), freelance interior designer – Connie Be…

For me, Christmas can’t come soon enough or last long enough. I love it and the best part (or one of them, there are so many to choose from!), is decorating the house. I grew up in a house that was transformed, every Christmas, into a multi-coloured Dickensian Santa’s grotto, with fake snow, lots of fake snow, so I guess it’s in my bones. Here are my tips for festive styling – minus the fake snow (sorry mum).

1. Replace flowers with berries

Berries instantly add a festive, wintry feel to a room and they don’t have to be red! White and orange ones look amazing too, especially against a dark wall. Add in some leaves for extra colour.

2. Add texture

Adding texture to a room is always a good idea but especially so at Christmas when you want your home to be as cosy and inviting as possible. Adding wood (bowls, ornaments, logs), sheepskin, fake fur and soft blankets are a great way to do this – they also add a lovely traditional feel.

3. Be colourful

Doesn’t have to be a White Christmas or even a red one for that matter – could be a shocking pink one or maybe opt for lovely plummy purples (my personal favourite this year). Whatever you do, choose colours that make you feel happy and relaxed and if you want to ensure that it looks truly festive then just add lots of shiny metallics.

4. Time for hygge

Christmas is surely the hyggiest time of year (I am aware that’s probably not a word!). A time when it would be almost wrong not to get cosy and the easiest and best way to do it is with candles, lots of candles. Opt for fragranced ones for an extra festive touch.

5. Lights – not just for the Christmas Tree

In fact I put them everywhere – round the kitchen window, on the mantlepiece and round the bannister (bit of a faff but well worth it!). They’re great for creating a focal point in a room and just well, making it even more sparkly.

6. Fake your foliage

I am a bit of a recent convert to fakes – I know it’s stating the obvious, but nowadays THEY LOOK SO REAL! Also the great thing about fakes is that you can put them up in November and nobody realises that you’ve actually kicked off the festive decorating – just call them ‘Winter berries’. Leave them up until round about Spring and before you know it, it’ll be Christmas again!

7. Add vintage touches

Charity shops are great for picking up vintage bits and pieces that add a lovely sense of tradition to your home as well as extra pops of colour and sparkle.

8. Don’t forget the bathroom

One of the most important rooms in the house – especially if you’re looking to get a bit of R n R over the festive season so seems a shame to leave it out. Doesn’t take much, a few berries, leaves, touch of tinsel and job done. Also worth investing in a good strong lock for the door!

9. Add a touch of kitsch

As much as I like the idea of spending Christmas in the window display from the White Company (and I do), I think ultimately it would feel too ‘staged’ for me. You don’t need to go crazy but the odd touch of fun or kitsch here and there just lightens the mood – plus the kids will love it too.

10. Finally add sparkle…

…and lots of it – baubles, garlands, tinsel go for it. It’s Christmas so the more the merrier!

Thank you, Mel! If you’d like to see more from Connie Be then please follow on Instagram or for Interior design advice email on: conniebe3@gmail.com

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