Light in the Darkness – find the positive

Next week is the first anniversary of my Dad’s death. It still feels very surreal to be writing that as in some small part of my brain, I still think he’s going to walk through the door tomorrow. That doesn’t make any sense but I think my survival mechanism is to just think that he’s on holiday or it’s just been too long between visits. Despite the fact that the family home has been sold and things have moved on, I can still picture stepping in the door and spying him asleep on the couch.

At the time of his death, I remember thinking that the sympathy cards had it wrong when they said ‘sorry for your loss’. I was so lucky to have him as my Dad that I couldn’t really feel like I had ‘lost’ anything. Even though he left far too early, I could only think I had gained by having him in my life.Read More »Light in the Darkness – find the positive