Working Out with a Toddler

Finding time to workout with small children around can be a nightmare. When an old friend of mine got in touch asking for tips to get fitter, a familiar tale transpired: finding time to go to the gym or to the pool is near impossible. Whilst she could in theory try for 10 minutes of yoga at home, the boys made this difficult – anyone with experience of kids could picture the scene: ‘What are you doing Mummy?’ ‘Get off the floor!’ ‘I NEED you now!’

Obvious solutions came to mind such as getting out walking but as I’ve already mentioned, walking with toddlers who are past the pram stage can be difficult.  Again, in theory you could get the toddlers to use a scooter or balance bike if they’re at that stage to try and increase the speed, but as I know from my own daughter that is easier said than done. Katie can go at a fantastic speed on her micro scooter but can also, with no prior indication, just choose to stop and announce she wants to walk instead etc. Hardly ideal for an aerobic work out is it?

I decided to raise the problem with Susan (from Streamline Personal Training) who I knew had experience of running fitness sessions where Mums had brought toddlers along. She reminded me of something key: toddlers love to copy. Our solution has been to develop a 15 minute workout that two lively toddlers can also do:
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