Alison Soye is a Northern Irish illustrator, currently living and working in Edinburgh. Originally from Northern Ireland, she studied at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee, specialising in illustration. She often visited Edinburgh while studying at university and loved the city’s beautiful cobbled streets, old architecture and Scottish charm so much that she decided to move there for good in January 2017. She is currently working on a number of art projects including book illustrations, design, murals, and personalised prints.

Alison’s illustrations have been appearing on the blog for a while now and I’m completely in love with her style. Here, Alison shares her outfits through a week…

“Pinafore galore: I love pinafores for a number of reasons: a. they have pockets, b. they are super comfy and c. they can be so versatile – I can wear a light top underneath in the summer, a nice shirt or blouse for a smarter look or a warm jumper in the winter! I could wear the same pinafore every day of the week but make it look like a completely different outfit just by switching up the clothing underneath, which is why I am such a big fan! Here I’m wearing a fitted pinafore from Fat Face, with a top underneath from Zara and a pair of brogues from Office.”

“I wear comfy clothing like this when I’m working on my illustrations at home, or I’m out and about buying art supplies, running prints to the post office or meeting friends for a coffee.”

“Today I had a meeting with my publishers, to discuss book readings and signings for a children’s book I have recently illustrated, called Maggie’s Mittens.”

“I like this jumpsuit because it can be smartened up or dressed down (and guess what… it also has pockets!) It’s all about the practicality for me; I want to wear pieces I love but be comfortable at the same time, and put minimal effort into putting together in the morning. This jumpsuit was from Monsoon, and the crazy silver shoes I’m wearing with it are from Zara. I absolutely adore Zara clothing but would love to see a bigger push from it (as well as other high street stores) towards more ethical and environmentally sustainable practice within the fashion industry. I think it’s really important to know where your clothes come from, and the impact cheap prices and fast fashion can have on both the environment and labour forces around the world. Over time I would like to buy less from the high street and instead invest in staple, high quality items that have been more ethically produced.”

“This jumpsuit is a perfect example of how it could work going to a morning meeting, to then working comfortably at home and then adding a nice bag, smart jacket and some lipstick for an evening occasion like dinner with friends.”

“Today it is quite warm (for it being an Autumn day anyway!) so I’m wearing a light blouse and jeans. I’m running an illustration workshop with a women’s charity so I want to look smart/casual for this. I don’t need to worry about my clothes getting too dirty when I’m doing my artwork as I mostly work in watercolour/gouache paint and work over the top of the paint in colour pencil and pen. I’ll be showing my portfolio of work to the ladies at the charity and then we will be trying out the techniques for ourselves!”

“More pinafore love! I am also a big fan of flouncy, pretty sleeves. I’m heading in to Stewart’s Melville College, where I am a current artist in residence working alongside the S5’s (AS Level students). There I will also meet with Coo, a teacher and also the author of the book I have recently illustrated, to discuss our next exciting project, and schedule in book readings at primary schools across Edinburgh.”

“In contrast to how much I enjoy dressing up, I also love a good dress down! If I’m working on my illustrations from home (and if I’m not going to be seeing anyone) I revel in this time to be the ultimate slob – my ‘work from home’ outfits look a little like this: leggings, top, fluffy socks, big cosy jumper, hair scraped back and no make up on. AND, if it’s a cold winters day, I quite often put my dressing gown over the top of my clothes. You will often find me bundled up at a desk, surrounded by cups of tea, music blasting. These are the perks of being a freelance illustrator! Unless you feel the judgement from the postman that is…”

“I love this olive green jacket because it goes with so many outfits – it is light enough that it can still be worn in summer, and warm enough to throw on over a top or jumper in Autumn. I’m guilty of, when I find something I love, wearing it to the death and this can definitely be said for this jacket! However, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing – I wear the same jewellery everyday (silver hoop earrings from M&S, a vintage ring that belonged to my Australian great aunt and my Olivia Burton watch, and it makes my life so much easier as they go with everything too!”

“Favourite shop? Anthropologie. Love their colourful jewellery collections and homeware and timeless, statement clothing. I also really appreciate the artful window displays and decor throughout the store. Window designing would be a dream job for me! Very pricey clothing but if I had the money, that’s where I would shop for everything.”

Thank you so much, Alison!

We’re so excited about the launch of Alison’s new book – Maggie’s Mittens. Authored by Coo Clayton and illustrated by Alison it’s available for pre-order now…

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  1. Gorgeous pics! I like that she has a really ecletic style. You can tell she’s a bit arty (this is coming from someone also “a bit arty)…she’s mixing up sporty, casual and “on trend” stuff really well.

  2. Ah, what lovely style Alison has! I must admit I haven’t worn a pinafore since I was seven but they look SO good on her, especially the one with the flouncy-sleeved shirt! Particularly like the jumpsuit, lovely!

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