When I was pregnant with my son, for some reason I was utterly convinced I was having a girl. I had in my head that the ‘new’ baby would wear all of my daughter’s old clothes and I would get to relive all of her beautiful outfits. When the sonographer told us we were having a son – I was actually a bit shocked.

Even though we had a boy already, it took me sometime to adjust to the idea. I honestly spent time walking round the shops glaring at all the ‘boring’ boys clothes and gazing sadly at some of beautiful patterns available for baby girls. I may be one to opt for Gender Neutral clothes more often than not, but Katie does own some beautiful dresses.

Of course, Thomas has brought all kinds of joy to our lives and I’m more than happy that he’s a boy. But I’m still slightly in despair at ‘boy’ clothing.

When you Google ‘outfits for toddler boys’ I find that you are bombarded with a whole host of images of children dressed as adults. Whilst cute in their own way, I do wonder how comfortable some of those children really are.

For example, one article tells me that one child is an ‘Instagram star’ for style; but I’m just not sure I’m convinced that my son would really be happy to toddle about in a leather jacket and loafers. Equally, I find children being paraded in all kinds of cool hats but I know Thomas wouldn’t keep one on for more than 20 seconds.

My antidote has been to revolve between two ‘styles’ for Thomas. The ultra traditional and the ultra minimal.

The Ultra Traditional

I know people have complained that the Royals dress their children as it they were from the Dark Ages. But I LOVE how they dress George and Charlotte. I just think they look timeless and beautifully dressed.

To that end, I’m mimicked a few of George’s outfits for Thomas. In the summer he had a summer of pairs of short dungarees from JoJo Maman Babe. I loved pairing them with knee length socks; and he totally rocked a wee Peter Pan collared shirt for his christening – complete with shorts of course!


For Autumn/Winter, we’ve managed to cultivate a number of jumpers from the Little White Company. I’ve managed to resist dressing him in shorts all year round; but find jumpers like this work equally well with jeans, chinos, or joggers. I think it’s simple, obviously suitable for play, and practical for nursery. I like this one particularly as it’s got a wee hood so is nice and casual.


The Ultra Minimal

At the other end of the spectrum is Thomas’ minimal wardrobe. Mostly filled with monochrome outfits from some of my Edinburgh favourites, Bon Tot and Bunny Hop. They have so many beautiful clothes – slogan free, non garish, and perfect for children to be children. I’m a particularly fan of Mingo and Gray Label for Thomas; they work really well over his reusable nappies and look stylish to boot.


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